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by Nomi Leasure
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Finding it hard to stay motivated? Don’t worry. Nomi gives you some advice on how to get yourself in gear!

Hey Nomi,

I’m a 19-year-old female and an English major. I find most of my time is consumed with procrastination and I struggle to focus on both my studies and my physical health. I’m in year two of my education and have fallen into the same routine that I fell into last year of over-eating and under-working. Last year I went from a size 0 to a size 5! I was hoping you could share some advice on how to stay motivated both physically and mentally. Thank you so much! – Courtney Glass

Dear Overfed and Underworked,

Part of this sounds like totally normal high-stress college behaviour and part of this sounds like an eating disorder. Have you ever seen a therapist or psychiatrist? Some eating disorders involve binge eating, especially when experiencing feelings of stress or anxiety. Now I don’t want to e-diagnose you here, but a 0-5 is not nothing!

But eating disorder or no eating disorder we all pig out when we’re feeling shitty. And then pigging out makes us feel more shitty. So we sit around and do nothing! (Yaaay pizza..!)

Look. Staying motivated is hard. But it’s one of those things there’s no easy way around.

I could sit here and tell you, “Oh make a moodboard of how you want to look and feel!” or, “Wake up every morning and look in the mirror and tell yourself you can DO IT!”

But fuck that, because you already know those things and have already had those thoughts. Lady, you just need to get it together. For real. Because no one is going to feel sorry for you when you get your failing grades and can never fit back into a cute pair of jeans. I mean, I’m just being real.

No one has anything to lose but you. No one really cares if you lose the weight or get the grades but you. So the person you need to get it together for also has to be… you. You need to matter enough to yourself that there are no second thoughts, there no hesitations, there’s no choice between the couch/Netflix/bag of Doritos and the study guide and online workout video.

Refuse to lower your standards for the only person who matters. Yourself.

And download Sworkit and drop down and give me fifty.

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