Non-Traditional Self-Care: What To Try When Bubblebaths Don’t Quite Cut It

by Catherine Nicholls

Let’s get this straight: we love a good bubblebath. Our collection of scented candles could stock a two-storey homeware store. We have go-to face masks for every occasion (and sometimes make up new ones just to get an excuse to use one). This kind of self-care is great, but only if it works for you, and if you have the capacity to incorporate it into your daily routine. There are so many different ways to implement self-care into your everyday life, but that only matters if you can find a style of self-care that fits.

That being said, here are four non-traditional ways to implement self-care into your life.

Self-Care In Sports

Though it may seem oxymoronic, getting stuck into a sport that you’re interested in can really help you to relax. Depending on the sport, you’ll either be able to distract yourself completely and not think, or have the ability to get lost in your thoughts and mull things over. Wanting to let loose and get some anger out? Why not give boxing a go? Strap on your hand wraps and take it out on your punching bag/sparring partner. If it’s the latter, maybe don’t let all of your anger out.

If boxing isn’t your idea of self-care, but you’re still wanting to try out a sport, maybe try something that’ll allow you to collect your thoughts instead. Hiking is a great way to get out of your regular environment. It might give you a fresh outlook on things once you remove yourself from your usual routine, and give you the time to reflect on things without any distraction. Word to the wise: a good pair of hiking boots will help you to focus on your thoughts instead of any potential blisters.

Self-Care In Writing

Sometimes the best thing to do when your thoughts start to spiral is just to let them out. Writing it all down means having to try to articulate what you’re feeling, which in turn will make you more aware of your headspace and what’s contributing to that. Need more incentive? Find a pen and notebook that works for you. If you’re into sparkly gel pens or flowing fountain ink, use them! Nothing’s stopping you from getting creative with your writing. Buying a pretty notebook or journal will also help in motivating you to write. What’s better than finishing a beautifully crafted diary?

If you still haven’t been converted to the journalling lifestyle, maybe using a prompt-based writing style will be more up your alley. Answering short questions about yourself every day will help you to reflect on your journey and your environment. It’ll also do its job in distracting you from every day life in favour of creating answers to fun prompts instead.

Self-Care In Learning

Okay, so this tip may seem like a little more commitment than the others, but it’s worth at least a little consideration. Learning, as well as education in general, doesn’t just have to be career based. You’re an office worker who’s interested in robotics? A publicist who wants to learn more about marine biology? A lawyer with a passion for soap making? Learn about it!

The internet can offer so much knowledge to those looking for it – YouTube and Wikipedia are the modern day Library of Alexandria. Online degrees are also an accessible and more affordable way to learn in-depth information from accredited professors. Harvard and Yale offer free classes to audit, meaning that you can access all of the materials of a course, but don’t hand in coursework or get a certificate at the end of it. Knowledge is vital, and shouldn’t be dismissed just because it doesn’t always have monetary value. Building your character, mind, and worldview is just as, if not more, important. It’s also a great way to get out of your head and concentrate on something else for a while.

Self Care In Food

Sometimes when you’re stuck in a bit of a hole, it’s tricky to know how to pull yourself out of it. One solution? Food. And though it may be tempting, we don’t mean the next packet of biscuits you can get your hands on. Ensuring that you get a variety of nutrients that will give you real energy will make you feel so much better. That means vegetables. And fibres. And proteins. Not sure where to start? Why not take a page out of the last paragraph’s book and take a virtual cooking class?

If that’s not what you’re looking for, maybe leaving the hard work to someone else could be a good option. HelloFresh makes sure that you have everything that you need for a healthy, and tasty, meal right at your fingertips. That means no more lounging around waiting for the motivation to make yourself a bowl of cereal for dinner again.

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