Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie For Healthy Mornings

by Mia Johnson

There’s no better way to start a morning than to have a healthy meal. We all know that breakfast is incredibly important to start the day properly. It’s not just about having breakfast and not skipping it, it’s also about making it as healthy as possible. Smoothies are becoming increasingly popular as a breakfast meal. Why? Let’s see why you should try them out and how oatmeal can be a perfect way to start your day.

Why are smoothies so great?

First of all, smoothies are adored by many because you can put almost anything into it and it can consist of so many things. You can choose the liquid you’ll use, which could be water, non-dairy milk or even kefir. Other ingredients also add a lot of water to the mix (which is great), and they include different types of fruit, which also helps to make the smoothie so tasty. You are also free to add vegetables, seeds and nuts, but also supplements like matcha, protein powder and toppings such as granola.

The most important thing about a smoothie is that it will be both really tasty and healthy if you can find a balance between protein, fat, fruits and vegetables. When you have various ingredients with well-balanced proportions, you’ll get a healthy meal that’s also delicious to drink.

Let’s not forget to mention the benefits of a healthy smoothie – as you add fruits to it, you’ll get a lot of antioxidants which would also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Vegetables, especially dark ones like kale or spinach, make the smoothie a kind of meal. You could also add nutritional and herbal supplements like protein or matcha powder along with your choice of sweeteners. Seeds and nuts, combined with yogurt (you can make yogurt with normal milk or ultra pasteurized milk) of kefir, also make a smoothie a proper meal, giving you all essential nutrients to your body.

Oatmeal benefits

Oats are incredibly beneficial for your body, as they are rich in carbs and fiber, as well as protein and fat. They are also rich with minerals and vitamins, which all together make them a perfect choice for a smoothie. These ingredients can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, while also promoting your gut health. As it also makes you feel full, it can help you lose weight as you will feel fewer urges to eat frequently.

So, let’s see how to make a healthy oatmeal breakfast smoothie and really start your day refreshed.

The ingredients and their benefits

As far as fruits go, make sure you have 2 frozen bananas, a cup of fresh blueberries, a one and a half of cup of fresh strawberries and delicious organic acai berry powder. They will make a perfect blend of vitamins and minerals and create a uniquely refreshing taste.

Prepare 3/4 of a cup of steel cut oats. It’s best to rinse the oats before you add them to the blender because it will remove most of its sugary taste. Oats, being whole grains, will give you fibers you need and keep you full for a couple of hours. Also, prepare a 3/4 of a cup of yogurt and a 1/4 of a cup of almond milk to make the mix more fluid.

Add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds, and you’re done! Bon appetit!


The great thing about any smoothie is that you don’t need a lot of time to make it. Simply put all of the ingredients into the blender and puree it until it becomes smooth. If the mixture seems too thick for your taste, add more milk, or milk substitute to it. When finished, pour it into a glass and add chia seeds. Optionally, you can also add granola or coconut flakes.

How to eat smoothie properly

In order to get all the possible benefits from this smoothie (and from any other for that matter), it’s important to blend the mix completely. When you put your ingredients into a blender, the blender will do your chewing for you, making it easier for the stomach to digest it. That’s why it is essential that you have access to the best blender on the market, like this blender from Kitchen Habit, so the drinking and digestion process of your smoothie is as straightforward as possible.

This also means that you could feel bloated after drinking a smoothie. Smoothies are incredibly high in calories (but healthy ones!) and the fact that all those calories come in liquid form means they will remain in your stomach for longer. Hence the possible bloating. In order to prevent bloating, you should eat the smoothie with a spoon, like a regular, whole-food meal. That way, you’ll give your stomach enough time to deal with the digestion properly.

Final words

There is a perfect smoothie for everybody. Each one of us can find ingredients they like and add them to their morning smoothie. Your oatmeal breakfast smoothie can have some ingredients replaced but the important thing is to have a variety of ingredients included (fruit, vegetables, kefir or non-dairy milk, seeds and nuts). Experiment a bit and you’ll discover your favorite blend.

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