One Minute Habits To Implement Into Your Daily Routine

by Elizabeth Smith

You might be looking to create a happier and healthier life for yourself. But where do you start? Big changes often require money and lots of time. Luckily, there are easier ways to revamp your life and mindset. Switching up your routine can be difficult and that’s where these one-minute habits come in handy. By cultivating these small and simple habits into your everyday life, you will be surprised as to how they can transform your life.

Get out of bed when your alarm sounds

When that dreaded alarm goes off in the morning – do not ignore it! Fight the urge to press that snooze button and get yourself out of bed. Research shows that snoozing your alarm can actually make you feel less rested. Therefore, the best thing you can do is roll out of bed, drink a glass of water, and open the curtains. Once you do this, you will be ready to start the day!

Make your alarm 60 seconds earlier every day

If you are trying to wake up earlier but you are not an early bird, then try this trick! Every day set your alarm for one minute earlier than the previous morning. You don’t want to force yourself to wake up earlier straight away, so doing this will gradually ease you into early starts. By pushing your alarm forward by 60 seconds every day, after 30 days you will be waking up half an hour earlier! The end result is having more time to appreciate the morning and no more rushing around!

Write a to-do list

When it seems like you have a million things to do, writing a to-do list is a life saver. Jotting down your tasks for the day will help you to keep your life organised. In the evening, write down all your errands for the following day. You will stress less knowing your exact plans and responsibilities. Either create a list on your phone or write it down in a planner for extra brownie points! When you psychically write down what you need to do, you avoid phone-related distractions, therefore boosting productivity.

Take 60 seconds to breathe

Life can get hectic and busy at times. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. However, when you feel like this it’s important not to let it weigh you down. Instead, take a minute just to breathe. Avoid thinking about anything in that moment and just breathe. This will help to clear your thoughts and calm yourself down. You can implement this habit frequently into your routine to regain energy and find peace amongst the chaos.

Make your bed

A prominent theme amongst these habits seem to be based in the morning. Yet cultivating habits that make you feel prepared and ready to take on the day are important for your mindset. Once you have hopped out of bed (straight after your alarm sounds, of course), remember to make your bed! Making your room neat and tidy is an accomplishment before you even start the day. You will feel fresh and productive from the get-go!

  • Sit up straight
  • Have a sip of water
  • Turn off your notifications
  • Put your phone away at night

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