Our Favourite Podcasts Of 2021

by Auriel Simmonds

There is, without a doubt, a podcast for everything. Whether you want to learn everything you missed in class or you want to listen to a true crime story whilst doing your laundry, there will be always something for you! The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed in 2021. With so many to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming. But we’ve gathered a list of our five favourite podcasts of the year to make your decision a bit easier!

Philosophy Bites

The mere mention of the word philosophy might send you into a spiral. You start questioning your very existence and begin asking what does it all mean? But thanks to Philosophy Bites, you can avoid the existential crisis. And yet you can still get to grips with the fascinating philosophy concepts that underpin our society and lives. This podcast invites you to listen to accessible conversations with top philosophers on bite-sized topics and ideas. You’ll gain an insight into the complicated world of things such as free will, scepticism and consciousness.

Modern Love

Inspired by the New York Times column of the same name, this podcast is the ultimate relationship navigation tool. Love is complicated at the best of times and in our modern world, it can feel overwhelming. We’re all connected more than ever. Yet, being attached to your phone and flicking between a multitude of dating apps has created a weird disconnect from real life. Well, the Modern Love podcast offers a reminder that you’re never alone in feeling alone. It serves to reflect your relationship woes and show you that they are manageable. It can leave you breathless from laughing so hard or having to reapply your makeup before work after crying. But best of all, it will make you feel understood and that’s all we really want, right?

She Makes Money Moves with Glamour

We’ve all been told that knowledge is power but sometimes it can feel like ignorance is bliss. Especially when it comes to finances. Sometimes it feels more scary to confront just how much you don’t know in order to learn than it is to remain unaware. While we can all be found guilty of this, when it comes to money, there truly is power in gaining an understanding. She Makes Money Moves is a truly accessible avenue for those of us who want to attain an understanding of finances in order to improve our lifestyles and fund management abilities. Offering a variety of perspectives, from single mothers to student loans, each episode is underpinned by guidance from financial experts that is sure to steer you towards an enhanced and empowering position.

How To Fail with Elizabeth Day

The 21st century is full of opportunity. But with the relentless stream of publicised achievements on social media, it can be so easy to compare and feel like all you do is fail. If you’ve ever flicked through your Instagram and felt like everyone else is somehow living their best lives while you’ve just been rejected from another job (this week!) then you need to have a listen to Elizabeth Day’s podcast How To Fail. It’s important to remind ourselves that we actually learn more from failure than we do from success. Therefore, we should celebrate where we go wrong in order to move towards something better. Underpinned by a refreshing sentiment – that failures are unavoidable and actually valuable – this podcast welcomes different guests on each episode. They discuss and reveal what they’ve learnt from their failures and how they became empowered as a result.

Advice To My Younger Me with Sara Holtz

It can be extremely daunting when first entering the workplace. Whichever industry that may be. Sara Holtz created Advice To My Younger Self as a result of being inspired to help younger women navigate the workplace with confidence. This podcast will improve the way you approach and exist within your workplace. Conducting interviews with successful women in their varying careers, Holtz allows listeners to get advice that will facilitate their own career journeys while still young and lacking experience. It’s a wonderful reflection of women supporting women. It’s a truly valuable tool for women who want to excel in their careers!

Podcasts are a relatively new and exciting medium that can help you navigate every aspect of your life. They are often easy to listen to -on the way to work or at the gym- and can help you improve your life and your mentality. These podcasts are my favourites to listen to because the formats are truly accessible. The conversations feel like you’re talking with your friends and you learn with every listen!

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