Our Gorjana Must-Haves Going Into Summer

by Catherine Nicholls

It’s summer. Oh, summer. This means taking those dresses out of storage, baring our toes for the first time in what feels like decades, and what’s best? Coming up with those perfect relaxing summer evenings and the outfits to go alongside them. Our favorite way to bring out the glam without bending over backwards in effort? Accessories. More specifically, those minimal little details that just bring everything together to make it extra special. From that cute namenskette necklace to a birthstone ring, accessories tie an outfit together and give it that wow factor.

Our faves of the year come without a doubt from Gorjana, a California based jewellery company who make products not to last just seasons, but generations.

Power Birthstone Necklace

Ever wanted to get a friend something personal and unique as a gift, but could never quite think what? Think you need more jewelry but you’re not sure what to buy? Here’s your answer. With an encased, genuine gemstone tailored to each month, the Power Birthstone Necklace is effortlessly elegant and can elevate any look. The same can be said of these stunning butterfly necklaces which you would be foolish not to take a look at! The Gorjana website has a guide to what each birthstone signifies to help you understand the meaning behind the gem. Is there a better way to show you care?

Taner Hoops

Breaking news: the pursuit for the perfect hoops is over. It seemed bleak until now – they were always either too big or too small, or just the wrong colour, or texture or something. But here we are. The Taner hammered texture makes the earrings feel a little more rustic, but they’re still absolutely stunning. A great choice to add to your collection.

Cleo Ring Set

We. Are. In. Love. These delicate opalite nano gem rings are maybe the cutest things we’ve ever seen. They’re oh-so-pretty, and so simple and minimalistic. You can stack them all on one finger, or spread them across your hands. You can even split it with a couple of besties and make them friendship rings. Is this the best of both worlds? Most definitely.

Knox Necklace

Delicate, simple, and feminine are some key words in the Knox Necklace reviews, and we certainly agree. The hard edges contrast the daintiness of the 18k gold plated chain to create the loveliest little necklace that will complement your outfit no matter what. Whether you want to wear it beautifully layered or standing alone, it works. All we know is we’re besotted.

Power Gemstone Cord Bracelet

Similarly to birthstones, gemstones stand for different things, ranging from love to power to energy to so many others. If you or a pal is wanting to channel a certain emotion or feeling, this bracelet is a sure-fire way to show your support, in the most adorable way possible. Every single review for this product is a delighted one, ours included – what more can we say? Buying someone a bracelet is such a thoughtful gift, so if you’re ever wondering what to get your gal-pal, jewellery might be the way to go.

Now, here’s the best bit – the wonderful team at Gorjana are collaborating with Taylor Magazine in honour of Friendship Day on 4th August. We’re teaming up to treat you and your best friend to something truly special. You and your best friend could both win a $300 dollar gift card, one for each of you, to choose from the wonderful range of items Gorjana has to offer. Given that today is Friendship Day, we thought it’d only be fair. More info and how to enter here:

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