Power Down to Power Up

by Elaina Andre

Let’s face it: we looove our phones. And for good reason. They keep us connected, communicative and closely intertwined with what is happening out in the world. While it’s convenient being able to talk with my family, my fiancé and my friends throughout the day with just the tap of my finger, I’ve noticed something: the more I’m engaged with my phone, the less productive and energetic I feel and the more my drive is dragged down. Sometimes being able to refocus and re-energize is all you need to get that spark of ambition back into your every day.

I’ve discovered some simple ways to unplug and be completely present in the now. Remember these three tips the next time you’re feeling bogged down and distracted by your screen.

Tackle projects intentionally

Ever have a huge project or task in front of you that you just can’t seem to get started? Something I recently began implementing into my daily school day routine was setting aside specific times to work on homework away from my phone. I would set a timer for one hour at a time and place my phone where I wouldn’t be able to hear the vibrations of notifications. This helped me focus on one thing at a time, as my attention wasn’t being pulled away every few minutes to check texts.   

Giving yourself a set amount of time to work completely undistracted can do wonders for your productivity and efficiency. Just one hour at a time is manageable and gives you a deadline for getting as much work done as possible.

Start your day a different way

If you’re anything like me, your phone is the first thing you grab when you open your eyes in the morning and the last thing you toss onto the bedside table before falling asleep. It can be so easy to get a late start to your day by scrolling mindlessly just to help your eyes open up and adjust to the early morning light. Challenge yourself to avoid any sort of screen until you’ve at least washed your face and eaten some breakfast. Giving your mind just a few minutes of sweet, peaceful silence as your brain wakes up may help you to think more clearly, be more creative and aid your self-reflection before the busyness of the day begins.

Inspiration is everywhere

Every day, I find myself turning to the internet for answers to my questions. While it can be an amazing source of information, there are so many other places we can learn and be inspired outside of our screens. A quiet walk out in nature, the last line of a gripping novel, deep conversations with a close friend and so, so much more!

If you can’t seem to find the energy to check off that certain task on your to-do list or feel an absence of new ideas, setting down your phone and looking in a different direction can be all you need to refuel your motivation. Distractions exist everywhere but subtracting a little screen time from your day can add up to clearer thoughts, boosted confidence and that spark of creativity you’ve been craving.

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