Pray For Paris, Pray For Humanity

by Isabel Murgelas

In light of the recent attacks on the beautiful city of Paris, I wanted to share my thoughts and express my deepest condolences to all those affected.

I feel helpless and I wish I could do more, because as I sit behind my computer screen, words can’t describe the heartbreak I feel for the people who’ve lost their lives or loved ones due to the inhumane actions of others. Naturally, with attacks like these comes a sweeping sense of fear. The fear to travel or even the fear to go to a social event. But we mustn’t let that fear stop us, or define how we act from this day forward. We mustn’t let the darkness drown out the light. We must continue to shine.

It’s a difficult task trying to remain positive when the destruction that we see makes us feel as if the world is stepping away from peace, rather than towards it. But when I see the Empire State Building, the Sydney Opera House and all these different countries shine their light brightly from the top of their proudest landmarks in French colours, it reminds me that although our hearts are torn at present, we are always united.

“This is an attack on all humanity and the universal values that we share.”

Nothing can stand against our values of freedom and acceptance. We will always get back up.

Perhaps, we must take it slow, one step at a time as we tread with caution while the world mourns, but as we heal, we must never forget to live and to love. We are all human. This terror will not divide us. This terror will not undo the journey of love we continue to travel with one another. My faith in our future will not be shaken. We are strong. We will not let any evil corrupt all that we believe in.

Today I ask you to smile, to laugh and to find light in your life and send it out into the world.

Let the love you feel for your parents, your friends, your pets and everyone you hold near to your heart radiate and move mountains. Live today. Live everyday. Too often we are reminded that this life is precious and that each moment is blessed.

I hope that we will find balance. I hope we will live in peace and harmony. I hope that we all learn from our past. I hope that one day, love will be enough. Paris, we stand with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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