The Quick Change: How To Change Your Hair Colour In An Easy, Subtle Way

by Ceylan Kumbarji
The Quick Change: How To Change Your Hair Colour In An Easy, Subtle Way

It can be easy to get in a rut with our hairstyles. We get used to the traditional 6 weeks for a cut, a fresh set of highlights when they’re needed and the same type of blow dry we’ve had for years. For us, no style decision is as big as what hair colour we’re going to go for. Because of the damage it can cause your hair and because it isn’t something that can always be fixed quickly, the option of a colour refresh is the quickest and easiest way to update your hairstyle. It doesn’t have to be big, bold or massively different to your current look – it’s about simplicity and minimalism.

Without making a drastic change to your hairstyle, it is actually possible to colour your hair without too much fuss or stress. Balayage is hugely popular and we talked about it here, so this idea of face framing is a similar principal. If you’re trying to avoid highlights that may look unnatural and be hard to keep up with, changing the colour of your hair by adding a few lighter strands at the front is the ideal way to make it look like a big change, when really it’s just a small tweak. It’s also the ideal way to ensure maintenance isn’t overwhelming – something that can be refreshed with a few lighter hand-painted pieces every so often means you avoid regrowth and it fits in more with the style of balayage than traditional highlights. Compared to 4-6 weekly visits when a touch up is needed for highlights, this option is more about blending and keeping it really natural.

To create this look, we went to our favourite hairdresser in London, The Chapel. Known for their relaxed style (a shot of hot chocolate upon entry and a choice of drinks from coffee to wine while you get your hair done), it feels more like a cosy hotel than a salon. Flipping through a magazine, we showed Sara the desired look we wanted and as a fan of face framing, she knew exactly what we were after. Made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker and Julia Roberts, blonde streaks are a flattering way to frame your face and instantly create a fresh faced look.

This is where the “slow fade” look happens naturally. It was first created by LA colourist Johnny Ramirez, known for his soft highlights and colour correction and means that lived-in colour is a subtle, discreet fade from the root to the tip of your hair. When your hair grows, rather than being left with harsh regrowth and sharp lines, you get a sun-kissed, natural look instead. Depending on your regrowth, you can leave it up to six months between your next trip to the hairdresser.

Without adding colour, highlights or balayage all over your hair that can cause split ends and damage, Sara at The Chapel guided us through how to make this quick change and avoid those harsh lines. Depending on your personal preference, “You can come in for a toner top up every 6-12 weeks or whenever you feel the colour needs brightening, or you can add more strands depending on your end goal. If you’re ultimately looking for a lighter colour, adding softer pieces at the front is a good way to begin.” Placement is key and this soft approach brightens and lifts your whole face – fresh and simple.

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