Reasons Why I Want To Live In A Tiny Home

by Leah Berger

Lately, tiny homes have grown in popularity. This has become known as the Tiny House Movement which advocates simplicity. A tiny home is exactly what it sounds like, a home that is around 2.4×5 meters. However, don’t let the small space fool you, it can still fit everything you need. Just imagine this: you have a home that is rent-free, you have no mortgage and you don’t pay all the usual utility bills. You’re also living a cleaner life as you can generate your own electricity and it is all run on renewable energy. Sounds great, right? Maybe that’s why the Tiny House Movement is so popular at the moment. You have a beautiful and simple home that has everything you need. Here are all the reasons I want a tiny home.

They’re Better For The Environment

There are many environmentally positive perks to living in a tiny home. It has a very small environmental footprint. For instance, the simple fact that your home is very small can benefit the environment. You take up less space that can be used for greenery. Your home is also smaller, so uses less energy to power it. Many tiny homes come with a roof of solar panels that generate all the electricity needed to power the small home. Therefore, many tiny homes use renewable energy only. They also usually have composting toilets. This means that they recycle human waste and release 90% of the water vapour back into the atmosphere.

This genuinely sounds like a great idea to me. If more people around the world lived in these small homes that produce almost zero waste and no carbon emissions, then I think the world would be a much better place. I love the idea of having a small home surrounded by a beautiful and luscious garden or green space that I can enjoy every day.

They’re Low Maintenance

Many people with busy lives like the idea of having a low maintenance home. I know I certainly do! You can literally clean your entire tiny home in the time that it takes you to clean one or two rooms of a normal sized house. Doesn’t that sound great? You won’t have to worry about paying your electricity bills either as all your electricity could be generated by the solar panels on the roof. The small space ensures that your home is very low maintenance and you won’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning and dusting it.

It’s Moveable

Many tiny homes can be mobile, which means they exist inside a boat, van, bus or trailer. The homes are portable and can be taken with you wherever you need to go. Even if the home does not exist on wheels, its small size means that moving will be a lot easier. If you had to make a permanent move, your entire house could be transported elsewhere for you to live in.

It’s Honestly All I Really Need

People always take pride in their big homes. But honestly, a tiny home has everything I need. If you’re living by yourself or with your partner then it all seems ideal. You don’t need extra rooms for children and you’re kinda happy to just be sharing a space. All I need is a kitchen to cook in, a bed to sleep in and a bathroom. As a young, social and active person, I often spend most of my days away from home anyway. I’m always busy at work or meeting up with someone in the city or gathering with a group of friends. Having a comfortable, low maintenance home is all I need to go back to at the end of the day. Often having a tiny home is cheaper too. By having a tiny home, I can become a homeowner at a young age, I can also avoid having a mortgage while doing this. I won’t have to pay rent, and I can save money by generating my own electricity and not as much energy as an average-sized house.

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