Self-Care Stocking Fillers We Love

by Catherine Nicholls

December’s finally here!! Though we’ve secretly been thinking about Christmas since it turned September, now we’re allowed to get fully into the holiday spirit without any outside judgement. The shopping lists are out (as are the mince pies), and we’re just about considering weight lifting training to be able to carry all of our bags home from the high street. If you’re looking for a self-care treat for your colleagues, friends, or, hey, even yourself, look no further – we’ve got your back! As December is such a cold and miserable month, we’ve collected a range of things that should make you feel warm and refreshed. Whilst we’ve not mentioned this on the list, it could be a nice gift to put in a stocking too. Calcetines Personalizados, or custom socks as we would say, are becoming more and more popular as a great gift for a stocking. Perhaps these could work in your stocking too, they could keep feet warm and brighten the mood with their customization!

We genuinely love all of these items and just so you know, we may collect a small portion of profit if you make a purchase through the links on this page, but it won’t affect you at all!


Paddywax Impressions Pinky Promise Wild Fig and Cedar Candle

How adorable is this candle?! Even without its scent (glorious and delicious, it must be noted), we’d still buy it for everyone we know based on the illustration alone. As someone who takes pinky promises very seriously, this symbol of friendship and trust is perfect for everyone in our lives. Will we be getting fifty? Maybe. Our rooms will be smelling amazing, that’s for sure. Check it out here!

Society6 GRRRL Yoga Mat

Let’s be real – after a week of so of attempting to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions, we’re going to need every form of motivation we can to keep going. This yoga mat from Society6 is motivation in its purest form – not only is it totally practical, it’s oh-so-cute, meaning you’ll be dying to show it off at next week’s hot yoga class. An excuse to add this, and all 1000+ (!!) designs, to your wish list, we’d say. Check it out here!

Esteban Ambre Bamboo Sticks

As first-time incense buyers, we too were slightly apprehensive/terrified-to-burn-our-house-down when we first tried them out, but we’re so glad we did. These bamboo sticks are not only chic, but they smell incredible, too. Another step on our way to become the sophisticated hostesses we dream of being? We think so. Check it out here!


Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask

Is there anything more old-school self care than a good old mask or two? This hair mask has won Glamour’s 2019 beauty award, and, with twelve pages of glowing reviews, you can trust that you’re onto a winner here. The Restorative Treatment Mask includes Alpha Keratin 60ku , Virtue’s secret ingredient for nourished, silky hair. We’re in! Check it out here!

Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask

The freezing cold winds and icy rain are harsh enough on our emotions, but they can be even tougher on our skin. Suitable for every skin type, Paula’s Choice Radiance Renewal Mask contains Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Vitamin B3, all of which work wonders to brighten, nourish, and hydrate skin in the winter months. Check it out here!

Ren Skincare AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

Leading on from our former point, it’s not just your face that suffers during the winter. The freezing cold combined with the warm showers you’re likely taking to defrost yourself means that your skin is going to be dry. Your solution? This beauty! REN skincare is renowned for its ability to combine ingredients to perfection, and this delightfully orange-scented body serum exfoliates, hydrates, and smooths skin in one go. Check it out here!


Anthropologie Gratitude Journal

With the year winding to a close, what better way to look back at everything you’ve achieved and experienced than a gratitude journal? Though we love normal diaries, they can be time-consuming to fill out. Because of this, we can forget or be too tired to write in often. This lovely little gratitude journal from Anthropologie needs only a couple of sentences and a tick or two to complete, and means that you capture the day-to-day moments of life that are all too easy to forget. Check it out here!

Minted Simplicity Standard Photo Calendar

We love organisation, we love sentimentality, and we love Christmas. This is where they combine – a stunning personalised calendar from Minted. Not only are the pictures adjustable, the messages and dates can be edited, too. There’s no-one who wouldn’t love this – get it for neighbours, colleagues, friends, and hey, why not yourself while you’re at it? Check it out here!

Paperchase Gold Fern Slip In Photo Album

Is there any better way to show that you care about someone than through a photo album? With everything being on our phones nowadays, it’s easy to just let photos stay in the land of digital, meaning that we rarely ever get the chance to see them all. Printing out photos and having the chance to look through them is such a special feeling; fill a photo album with pictures of you and the recipient of the gift, and they’ll be able to spend hours reminiscing on memories that you’ve share together. Maybe don’t include that picture of you both having one-too-many-proseccos, though, unless you want all their friends to know about it, too. Check it out here!

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