Sibling Special: Interview With Alizéy And Lailli Mirza Of Pintsized Fashionsitas

by Emily Nicole
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The Mirza twins are the luxury bloggers of dreams. Starting their brand, Pintsized Fashionistas, in Dubai at the age of 14 they became the first bloggers in the Middle East. They are now continuing to blog from opposite sides of the world, with Lailli based in Dubai and Alizéy in Sydney, and sometimes in their other home, London.

Taylor Magazine were lucky enough to interview the twins to see what makes their brand so unique and popular, as well as how they keep up with each other when they are in different places!

Taylor Magazine: What made you want to start a blog and Youtube channel?

Alizéy: Initially, we started blogging as a hobby. We never imagined it to take off the way it did. After blogging for a couple of years, we realized that YouTube was the next big thing, which is why we created our channel. I find that more and more people would rather watch videos in oppose to reading blogs as they’re far more interactive. Vlogs are the online version of reality TV shows, and people love them because of their authenticity.

Shot By Fatma Al Bakry @novemberus

Taylor Magazine: How would you both describe your sister’s style?

Lailli: Alizéy’s style is very feminine and classic. She’s very ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ in the way she dresses.  

Alizéy: Lailli and my style could not be more different. I’m very girly in the way I dress and tend to mix high-street brands with designer brands. Lailli, on the other hand, is happye in a pair of leather pants, a Givenchy tee shirt and Chanel espadrilles.

Taylor Magazine: Where’s your favourite place to shop?

Alizéy: I love Australian brands at the moment. Zimmermann is near the top of my list as well as smaller brands including CMEO Collective and Sheike. When in London, Zara and Selfridges are my favorite places to shop.

Lailli: Selfridges, Givenchy, COS and All Saints are at the top of my list. I love Net-A-Porter too but prefer the in-store experience when buying designer items.

via Alizéy’s Instagram (@alizeymirza)

Taylor Magazine: What’s it like running Pintsized Fashionista from opposite sides of the world, with Alizéy being in Sydney, and Lailli between Dubai and London?

Alizéy: Living in opposite sides of the world can be tough at times, particularly from a business perspective and when we want to film videos together, however it definitely has its benefits. It puts our brand on the map on an international scale, which is fantastic. Since being in Sydney for university, I’ve worked with a number of Australian brands that I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to collaborate with if I didn’t move. My following in this region has definitely increased too.

Taylor Magazine: What do you prefer more; Blogging or vlogging?

Alizéy: I honestly love writing but I also talk a lot so I couldn’t chose between the two! I think vlogging is a lot of fun because it’s interactive.

Lailli: Vlogging

via Lailli’s Instagram (@laillimirza)

Taylor Magazine: What’s the best and worse thing about each other?

Lailli: Alizéy is like a second mum. If she doesn’t hear from me in 24 hours, she’ll call me until I answer. That’s a good and bad thing! I also wouldn’t be where I am in life without her nagging.

Taylor Magazine: What’s it like working with your twin sister?

Lailli: Working together is super fun. Blood is thicker than water and we both have each other’s backs, regardless of the situation.

Alizéy: I agree. Although we still argue whenever we see each other. As we get older though, we’re getting on a lot better and have less to quarrel over

Taylor Magazine: What’s a day in the life like with you?

Lailli: For me, each day is different, which is what I love. If I’m not vlogging, I’m filming videos for YouTube, at meetings or at Biolite (our mum’s skin clinic).

Alizey: At the moment, I’m at university as well as work as a stylist for an Australian brand part-time. I’m always on the hunt for something new to do and hate routine. Although change is scary, I love doing new things and traveling, something I’d love to do more of in the future.

Shot by Elena Gola (@elgola)

Shot by Fatma Al Bakry (@novemberus)

Taylor Magazine: What’s your biggest achievement for Pintsized Fashionista?

Alizéy: We were the first teenage bloggers in the Middle East. To us, that’s a pretty big accomplishment. We had our own clothing line at the age of 16, which we launched on our birthday as well as being crowned Harpers Bazaar’s Best Dressed 2012.


From these achievements, the Mirza twins have sky-rocketed in the blogging world and continue to work hard. With constant blog and YouTube updates alongside an active social media presence, if you don’t follow them now you’ll definitely want to.

Keep up with Alizéy and Lailli on their website and YouTube channel! Also follow them on Instagram (Alizéy, Lailli) and Twitter (Alizéy, Lailli, Pintsized Fashionista)

Still from their YouTube Channel, “PintsizedFashTV”


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