Simple Tips To Turn Driving With A Newborn From Difficult To Enjoyable

by Mia Johnson

A newborn brings a lot of changes in a parent’s life. It’s a tricky feat to have to adapt to having a new member of a family that needs a special kind of care and attention. A lot of parents need the facts and advice on sites like Stuff4Tots to help them adjust and learn things that will allow them to become better parents. It’s a very challenging process. That’s why some parents don’t dare to do some things that they used to do, like distant traveling by car. They’re afraid that it would be too much hassle, or take too much time, or that it’s too dangerous.

However, traveling with a newborn doesn’t have to be stressful. There is so much to learn, especially when it comes to getting your newborn into a sleep pattern. Using sleep-training techniques such as the Ferber method can help get your baby into a routine. By doing this, it will help massively when it comes to a long car journey. You only need to make appropriate preparations before the trip and to keep in mind situations that could occur on the road. If you follow these simple tips, you’ll definitely have an enjoyable trip with your baby.

1. Planning the trip

If your baby sleeps well in the car, then make sure the trip begins when it’s time for nap time, or even bedtime. If that’s not the case, then plan the trip to start after the nap or early in the morning. Try to break the trip up by planning a few stops. The longer your baby is forced to sit in the car seat, the more restless it will get. Taking shorts breaks every now and then will not only help you stretch your legs, but also help to ease your child’s nerves.

Be aware that there could be some unpleasant surprises along the way, meaning your arrival time could change. A dirty nappy or two could hold you up, as well as the need for a feed or rest along the way.A few simple items will make sure that your baby feels more relaxed in the car, including:

Baby-friendly music on in the car, a bottle warmer and a cooler for drinks, window shades to protect the baby from the direct sun and to help the baby fall asleep more easily, a rear view baby mirror so that you can monitor it (if you’re alone in the car with the baby and baby books to read on the road!

2. Car safety tips

Here are the necessary safety measures to avoid danger on the road. First of all, make sure you bring a flashlight if you’ll travel at night. Next, always keep your baby in the car seat. There are important car seat safety tips that many people are unaware of. For example, never breastfeed your baby while the car is moving. It’s better to pull over for 10 minutes than to risk hurting the baby while it’s out of its seat. Also, you need to make sure the car seat is appropriate for your baby’s age and that it’s firmly fastened.

Being involved in a car accident can be highly traumatic, especially if you are injured as a result of a collision for example. One of my friends is currently in the process of filing a personal injury claim with a car accident lawyer in Austin. The accident was not her fault, so she is determined to get the compensation she believes she deserves.

Furthermore, along the way, if your baby is very nervous and crying, don’t postpone the break. Stop as soon as possible – a crying baby can make you feel distracted and nervous, which could lead to an accident. Accidents can be serious and end in injury; oftentimes it’s other drivers on the road whose actions lead to such incidents – you could get in touch with a car accident attorney Houston for legal assistance if you have been affected by the actions of a negligent driver. The final tip is under no circumstances should you leave your baby alone in the car, not even for a minute.

3. Entertainment in the car

To keep your baby entertained in the car, string a line from each side inside the car and attach toys to it. Just make sure they are small enough not to block the driver’s view on the rear window.

You could also tape coluorful pictures on the back of the seat that’s facing your baby, and if you’ll be alone with your baby, (and the baby is old enough to reach the toys on its own), then place a box next to the car seat and fill it with toys. If there will be somebody sitting next to your baby, you could bring a lot of baby-friendly books so that the other person can read them to your baby.

If you have an older baby, then you should definitely brink drinks and snacks that are appropriate. In case you have also planned to stop somewhere to have a proper meal, mind the baby. In case it happens that the baby is sleeping just when you were planning to make a break and eat, then opt for a drive-through. That way, you won’t interrupt the baby’ sleep and risk making it fussy and cranky. The baby music you’ll carry will help the baby calm down and fall asleep more easily, while other types of music should be played quietly while the baby is asleep.

Traveling with your newborn doesn’t have to be a nightmare and it’s definitely not something you should avoid. The most important thing you should do is to go through the above steps carefully and to take the unpleasant surprises into account. By making sure your baby is safe and entertained in the car, there is no need to worry about the trip experience. You can all relax and enjoy the ride with your cute newest member of the family!

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