Simple Ways To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

by Elizabeth Smith

We can all make little changes in order to help the environment. In a society that loves to buy new things and throw old ones out, we are damaging the environment at an exponential rate. The good thing is that we can do a lot of things to change. We can learn how to recycle our waste; reduce the amount of waste we produce and reuse products by investing in sustainable items. There are plenty of habits we can all adopt to help protect our environment and live a waste-free lifestyle. Here are some simple ways you can start living a more sustainable life – today!

Cut out single-use products

A simple way to reduce your waste drastically is to stop using single-use products. For example, cut out single-used straws, water bottles and paper cups and replace them for reusable alternatives. Luckily, there are many budget friendly options on the market (which are extremely cute too) You can invest in metal straws to make your morning iced coffee look extra boujee. Perhaps have a look at tote bags, which are the perfect substitute for plastic shopping bags. There are so many items you can personalise for a sustainable yet unique touch. More examples include:

  • Reusable coffee cups – perfect for coffee addicts looking to save a bit of cash. Most cafes chip off a little bit of the price if you bring in a reusable cup!
  • Metal razors – Purchase some reusable razor blades to replace your average plastic razor.
  • Bamboo toothbrushes – Create a difference by switching out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one! They’re eco-friendly, sustainable and not to mention, totally unique!
  • Silicone lids – I’m guilty of wrapping up food with tin foil or cling film far too often, which is both bad for the planet and a little bit fiddly. Instead, invest in some silicone lids to wrap around your Tupperware to keep your food fresh.

These are just a few of the many items you can invest in to create a more sustainable lifestyle. Think about the things you use that impact the planet negatively and do some research into better alternatives. You’ll be an eco-friendly pro in no time!

Take a look at your skincare

One of the things we tend to forget about when it comes to eco-friendly products is skincare. There are a lot of products that do a lot of harm to the environment that we use in our everyday routines. Once you have used up your products, have a think and see if there are any eco-friendly alternatives you could use instead. For example, ditch the face wipes and replace them with a reusable cotton pad. They are easy to wash and much kinder to your skin too!

Many exfoliators have plastic beads in them to shed off dry skin. These microbeads get washed down your drain and end up in rivers and oceans, having an awful impact onto eco-systems. Luckily, there are some eco-friendly alternatives that leave your skin feeling silky soft. For example, there are many natural salt scrubs that are perfect for removing toxins and clogged pores from your skin. You can be even more sustainable and make salt scrub at home to avoid unnecessary packaging. You will need sea salt, olive oil and an essential oil to make the paste gentle enough to use on your skin and leaving you smelling divine!  

Another simple tip is to turn off the tap when you aren’t using it. So, when you are giving yourself a pamper and applying your favourite face mask, make sure to turn off the water! This simple and easy step is a great way to reduce water wastage and play a little part without even realising.

Don’t throw away – sell or donate!

I’m an absolute lover of decluttering. Any opportunity I have to clear out my wardrobe, I will take it! You might feel guilty for getting rid of things, but we can’t hold onto everything we own forever. However, it is important that we remember to either sell or donate our items for someone to reuse. If you throw away your clothes, it is likely that it will sit in landfill for a long time. When clothing breaks down in landfill, it contributes largely to pollution levels. So, next time you do a clear out, make one box for donating to charity, one for giving away to friends and family or even one for selling online. There is someone out there who will take your things off your hands and give them a new purpose.

If you feel like your wardrobe is now looking a little sparse, then why not research some sustainable clothing brands to treat yourself to some new pieces? Take a look at these eco-friendly fashion brands we are loving and say au revoir to fast fashion:

  • Birdsong
  • ArmedAngels
  • Contur
  • People Tree

These are just a few of the many ways you can become more sustainable and reduce your everyday waste. Adopting a greener lifestyle is a gradual process and any little change you make DOES make a difference. Try to adopt new habits along the way and implement more as your confidence grows. Be proud of yourself for the changes you make for a better world and encourage others to do the same. The Earth is thanking you for the little habits you get into and you will feel rewarded when doing so!

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