Six Spring Interior Essentials We Love From Urban Outfitters

by Catherine Nicholls

Spring is here! Well, almost. We’ve seen blue skies more than once this week, and that’s all I need to hear. Spring means new everything: new attitudes, new surroundings and, if you really want to treat yourself, a new look to your home. Anything that lifts the dreary winter blues counts, be that a cute little trinket or a whole new set of furniture. Here are six things we love from Urban Outfitters to give our homes a spring makeover.

We genuinely love all of these items and just so you know, we may collect a small portion of profit if you make a purchase through the links on this page – but it won’t affect you at all!

Get Storage Savvy

Large Triangle Wall Box

It’s so hard to spring clean when there’s just no space to put things. You can keep clothes in drawers, and shoes on racks, but where do you keep all your cute little trinkets? Well, look no further! This pretty glass wall box will keep them safe and sound, whilst also adding to your room’s general prettiness. Check it out here

Hexagonal Brass Terrarium

Spring means plants, full stop. Maybe not all of us have enough space (or responsibility…) to maintain a full garden, but cacti and succulents? Easy! This adorable terrarium will help with that quest, breathing a little more life into just about any room in the house. Check it out here

Stay Cosy

Pressed Buttercup Duvet Cover Set

Aww! What could be more ‘Spring’ than Buttercups? This cute floral duvet set ensures we never want to leave the bed and why would we? We’ve got the indoors and outside combined – the best of both worlds! Check it out here

Amped Fleece Throw Blanket

Okay, so maybe I got a little ahead of myself. It’s still not the time to be prancing around in sundresses. Unfortunately. On those chillier nights, this is the perfect blanket to throw over your shoulders whilst drinking a cup of tea – it’s soft, it’s stylish, and it’s oh so cosy. Check it out here

Fine-tune Your Tech

Crosley Cruiser Cream Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player

Once that blue sky finally shows its face, throw those curtains aside, open those windows, and soak up the sun. The perfect companion? Those springtime hits, of course. This Crosley Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player means that you can listen to it all – podcasts from Spotify, the local radio, or a good old school vinyl record. You’ve got it all! Check it out here

Polaroid Originals Refurbished Instant Camera

Did you even have that spring-time picnic if you didn’t document it? Even better, had hard copies to remember it all? Taking snaps on your phone is all well and good, but you can’t say your heart doesn’t melt every time you see a cute polaroid pic. Get your hands on one to start capturing memories you’ll cherish forever – we know we do. Check it out here

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