Skin Maintenance While Travelling

by Fiona Wood

Each one of us has their own skincare routine, and while we tend to be religious about it at home, sometimes we completely disregard it during travelling. Whether you’re travelling for business or going on vacation, taking good care of your skin once you’re there, as well as preparing it for the trip and making sure it’s flawless while you’re heading to your destination are of the utmost importance. Not only will this prevent the dehydration of the skin but it will make it accustomed to the new climate. Therefore, here’s how you should treat your skin every time you’re travelling.

Before you go

Prepping your skin before travelling is one of the key steps to your skin maintenance. Namely, you’ll have to protect your skin from the harmful influence of dirt, the sun and other factors. A gentle, creamy cleanser will perfectly clean your skin of all impurities. Apply a moisturizing body lotion to your arms and legs because insufficient hydration may lead to a severe drying out on the plane. Cabin air is particularly dry, so you need to prep your skin well for the upcoming several hours in the air. A sheer super hydrating mask will keep combination and oily skin perfectly supple without making it oilier. For dry skin, use a moisturizer with shea butter and hyaluronic acid. If you want to learn about the benefits of moisturizer, you can find out more from Renee Rouleau. You don’t want dry skin, especially whilst you’re travelling! Make sure you hydrate from the inside as well and have plenty of water to keep the skin supple, and don’t skip your night cream routine! Check out this list of korean night cream products to see some night moisturizers.

During travelling

Long hours on the plane are likely to cause some serious puffiness around the eyes. Therefore, make sure you apply an eye cream once you’re boarded and it will help address the look of dark circles without anyone even assuming you didn’t have enough sleep. When you’re travelling, it would be best if you used lightweight cosmetic products that will allow your skin to breathe while also offering it enough protection. Organic cosmetics such as Esmi are the best option, so always carry your favourite organic beauty products in your carry-on in case you need to slather some more face serum or BB cream on your skin. Face wipes should also be in your carry-on so you can clean your face whenever you feel it needs some refreshment. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen as well, because you’ll be much closer to the sun than you usually are (especially if you got a seat by the window), and you’ll need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Don’t forget about offering plenty of hydration to your lips and hands as well, and keep a lip balm and a hand cream within arm’s reach.

On the go

You should always tailor your skin care routine to the destination you’re visiting. Depending on the climate you’ll be in, be it cold, tropical or maybe desert, you’ll need to make your skin adapt to new weather conditions. Colder climates will probably make your skin drier than usual, which is why you’ll need to be extra careful when moisturizing. Use highly nourishing body butter and lotions with shea butter and argan oil to keep the skin firm, elastic and always supple. A cream facial cleanser will clean your skin of all the impurities, while also gently exfoliating your skin and getting rid of dead skin cells. This will further increase radiance and make your skin smooth instead of dull. Tropical destinations, on the other hand, will require less thick moisturizers and face cleansers. Micellar water is the best solution for cleansing the skin of excess oil caused by high temperatures. Use matte foundation to prevent your skin from looking oily due to the heat, or if you don’t want to put makeup on, an oil-free matte finish moisturizer will give you that healthy yet not too shiny look. Deserts have little moisture in the air, but sometimes there’s absolutely zero humidity. This kind of climate will require micellar water that you don’t have to rinse off your face, after which you can easily apply a moisturizer to your skin. Thermal water is also a great companion in warm climates, so make sure you have it with you to give your face some extra refreshment. Also, don’t forget a lot of sunscreen because the sun can be merciless in the desert.

Final thoughts

Taking care of your skin is imperative if you want it to look and feel flawless every day. Therefore, don’t try to make excuses for not taking care of your skin when you’re travelling, because it requires a minimal amount of time to look great while also making sure you’re offering your body the best protection. The skin is the biggest organ and you need to take good care of it in order to prevent various skin conditions.

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