Skinimalism: The Skincare Trend We’re Loving

by Olivia Frost

Let’s face it, makeup hasn’t been the top of our priority list for a long time now. Even though we’re neglecting makeup, we shouldn’t be neglecting our skincare! Looking after your skin is the most important step to looking and feeling your best.

So, if you still don’t feel like putting makeup on, I’ve got some good news for you! Pinterest has predicted that “skinimalism” is going to be the most popular beauty trend this year. It perfectly combines the natural, no-makeup look with a minimal skincare routine that will take you just minutes to complete. Using a small number of products in the morning and at night will have your skin looking healthy and fresh with minimal effort!

Here’s all you need to know about this easy to achieve new look!

Embrace your natural beauty

Gone are the days of caking on foundation and pencilling in our eyebrows to the max. This year is all about embracing your natural skin and ditching the harsh skin treatments that do nothing but promise to give you “glowy, flawless skin”. Instead of hiding away our “flaws”, it’s time to embrace them! Embrace your freckles, fine lines and blemishes. Using the right types of skincare can give you the skin you have always dreamed of – without breaking the bank!

Minimal products

Skinimalism is all about having a scaled-down skincare routine, without the added fuss! Keep your skincare routine simple to just a few key products that work for your skin will help you to keep your skin feeling radiant and fresh. All you’ll need in your condensed routine is a cleanser, SPF, night moisturiser and serum and you’re on the route for that glowy natural look. Of course you can also add in your favourite face mask , but remember, they are only to be used once or twice a week as a treat! Otherwise our skin can get overwhelmed and that’s the last thing we want to do!

Fragrance free products

Many products are sold with the promise to be soft and gentle on your skin, however, if they contain fragrance then they are likely not to be as gentle as they say! Ensuring that your scaled-down skincare routine contains fragrance-free, natural products will help even the most sensitive skin to stay healthy. Fragrance-free skin care products will minimise damage and allow your skin to look the best it can.

Skin recovery

If you’re still not convinced about ditching your multi-step skincare routine and full face of makeup then just think about the wonders it will do for your skin! Allowing your skin to breathe without the heaviness of makeup will give your pores a much needed break to unblock themselves naturally. Constantly putting heavy products onto your skin can be extremely damaging and cause your skin to have preventable break-outs! By using lighter products and little-to-no makeup you will notice fewer blemishes and minimised pores.

Less is certainly more this year when it comes to skincare. Adopting a solid morning and evening routine, using a minimal amount of products suited to your skin will allow you to have great skin days every day this 2021! Happy skinimalism!

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