Smiling? Blushing? Getting Nervous? Here Are The Obvious Signs That You Have A Big, Fat Crush

by The Ambrose Girls

Are you smiling? Are you blushing? Are you nervous? Hmmm, this sounds like a common crush. It’s both a blessing and a curse. We’ve all experienced people that come into our lives who we have a strong initial attraction to, followed by an equally strong feeling of disgust a few months down the line. But, what happens when the initial attraction doesn’t go away? Instead, it sticks. This is when you know you have an actual, real, movie-style crush.

When you have a crush it’s a far bigger deal than hitting it off with a hottie at the local bar for a night. For whatever reason, you’re drawn to this particular guy in a different way to any other guy you’ve met. You blush around him and get all giddy. All of the sudden it hits you. Something is different. Something feels absolutely right about him and you have big, beautiful butterflies fluttering away in your stomach.

This is a feeling that rarely happens to us single gals. After all, we have been tainted by years of dating failures and bad breakups. Having a crush throws you back to the high school days. For starters, you have absolutely have NO idea how to act. Then you get a little insecure and the nerves kick in when you start to think about when you’ll next see him or what to message him back. Then it gets to the point where you’re thinking about this guy basically all the time.

It’s refreshing to genuinely like someone so much that you get stomach flips at the thought of him. But, while it’s beautiful and fun and makes you feel 15 again, it can absolutely suck at the same time. When you’re experiencing any of the following, you definitely have a crush:

You love and hate your phone

Your phone becomes your best friend and your worst enemy. You’re constantly waiting for it to light up with his name on it. When your phone finally does light up you get soo excited and prepare to reply and think about what colour flowers you’ll have at the wedding… oh. It’s not your crush. Every text from here on out further frustrates you because it’s not him. You’re in a constant state of anxiety hoping for that next text or date invite. When you finally do get that text or call, you blush and reply with the biggest grin on your face. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty great feeling.

Your conversation seems SO long (in a good way)

After a viciously flirty text conversation, you are SO excited. When you’re raving about it to your girlfriends, you realize she needs to see it for herself so you say “hang on, I’ll screenshot”. To your utter shock and surprise, this “lengthy” flirty conversation only takes up 2 screenshots?! What?! The conversation made you feel so good and giddy, you felt like it was way longer than it actually was.

Time passes slow as sh*t

It may have only been 25 hours, 43 minutes and 9 seconds since you last heard from them, but who’s counting? You are constantly awaiting the next text, call or date and it literally feels like time is going slower than ever before.

You are super insecure

It’s awful when you feel insecure. You don’t know what to do or how to handle situations. Should you text? Should you wait? Will he like my Instagram photo? Will he EVER text me again?! One unanswered text and you convince yourself it’s over and he hates you. This not-so-lovely side effect is because for the first time in a long time you actually truly care if this will work out or not.

You stop entertaining other guys

Sure, you may not actually be dating your crush but since you’ve started talking, every other guy has lost his appeal. You stop responding to that guy from the bar 3 weeks ago and friend-zone the sh*t out of any new guy you meet. You deliberately choose to put all your eggs in one basket for this crush.

You stop missing your ex

The potential that your new crush brings to your love life is just so exciting that you haven’t thought about your ex in days. Holy progress. When any girl is single or they have a bunch of options they aren’t thrilled about, they resort to thinking about the past. The ex is always still lingering around in your head when there isn’t a real crush in the picture. Luckily when you start to get hopeful about a new prospect, your ex will stay where he belongs… in the past.

Daydreaming is your new favourite hobby

You think about your crush a HELL of a lot. Insert daydreaming here. You find yourself coming up with scenarios that you don’t usually think about when you meet a guy… what your next date will be like, what you’ll wear and how your first kiss will be when he drops you off home… then you get a bit over-excited and wonder what it will be like if you get to spend the holidays together. It’s all part of the fun.

When you have a crush it’s a whirlwind of emotions. One minute you are super hopeful and excited, and the next you worry that this may the same way as all bad relationships usually do. As much as this can suck, keep in mind this could be the last time you ever have a crush! This guy could be your Mr Big. Ride that emotional roller-coaster and soak up every emotion. Crushes are rare and so is that magical spark we get when we meet someone that makes us feel like this could be it. We don’t want the label “single twenty something” forever!

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