Social Media & Relationships: A Bad Match?

by Christa Santulli

Does your boyfriend post you as his “Woman Crush Wednesday” every week? Does he constantly tweet about you and post pictures of you and show you off on every single social media account he has? If not, then he probably doesn’t love you.

This is the idea that so many of us living in today’s generation believe to be true, and this is truly disturbing. Professing love over social media shouldn’t dictate how true the feelings between two people in a relationship are, yet I constantly find myself surrounded by people believing in this. My question is, when did we start allowing technology to control every aspect of our lives, including our romantic relationships? There are so many people who can’t even trust their significant other enough to have passcodes on their phones, because God forbid anyone has a little privacy these days.

The truth is, it is extremely hard to live in a day and age where we depend on electronic devices for every little thing, and it’s hard to not let them control us in every aspect of our lives. Although it may be difficult, we have to be the change we wish to see things. Relationships should not be revolving around an Instagram photo your boyfriend posts professing his undying love to you. These are the things that should be said to each other face-to-face with meaning, not being typed via a screen.

I think that one of the problems is that many of us today are afraid. Afraid to share our feelings for each other in person, but we feel completely okay with doing it behind a screen. We value our virtual relationships with one another more than our real, true life relationships, and this is a huge issue. Face-to-face interactions are extremely important, especially between two people who are in a committed relationship.

Even dating has become an out-of-control circus due to the impact of the every-changing technology of today. Long gone are the days of traditional dating, but now we are addicted to sites like Tinder, Bumble and We find people based on mainly looks alone, because honestly who goes onto Tinder just to find out who has the nicest personality? By choosing people online based on their looks, we fail to find the deeper connections which will lead us to real and worthwhile relationships that we all strive for.

What we need to start doing is putting the phones down, and focusing on what is most important: real, human interactions. When it comes to relationships and dating, we need to realise that who we are online should not matter, because we shouldn’t be falling in love with a screen, but with each other. We may be an extremely “high-tech” society, but when it comes to love, dating and relationships it seems that our ‘batteries’ have become completely, and possibly permanently drained, unless we find a way to ‘charge’ them back up to their full capacities.  

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