Spring Top 5 Guide: Our Travel Essentials This Season

by Ceylan Kumbarji

As we go into spring, we’re ready to enter the season of new beginnings. Flowers bloom, the weather gets brighter and the days get longer – what’s not to like? To celebrate, we’ve put together our five travel essentials? that we’ll need? this season. For us, spring is one of the best times of the year to go travelling. Whether you’re planning a weekend break to a pretty European city or a trip across the Atlantic, you need to be prepared and think outside the box. If you’ve been looking for a new backpack, sportswear or a phone case, we’ve got you covered.

Knomo Backpack

You’ll always need a stylish bag to cram everything into. Enter: Knomo. While they have a range of different bags and styles, we found the Harewood Backpack and it’s now one of our travel essentials. When you have a lot to carry it can be a struggle to find something both practical and chic. Backpacks don’t typically scream “STYLISH!” but with the Harewood’s new tote-pack design, you can carry it by the top handles or wear it as a backpack. One of the other main appeals is that it feels really secure. We recently took it with us to Copenhagen and even with a huge camera, books and a laptop, it didn’t feel at all flimsy. This is definitely coming with us to Coachella.

Olivia Rose Phone Case

What’s better than a cute phone case? We’ll tell you. A cute personalised phone case. For these,? Olivia Rose is our go-to brand. With so much variety and lots of colours and styles to choose from, this is the perfect gift if you want to get yourself an inexpensive treat. It’s a mix of simple but stylish and the best part is that you can choose what to write on it, from your initials to your favourite song title. Who doesn’t love personalized phone cases? Whether you choose to have your name on the back or a photo of your favourite musician, your phone case will be unique! As well as keeping your phone safe and secure, it’s a great opportunity to let your personality shine through. Go on, treat yourself! If you want to put your favourite photos on your phone case, go for a custom phone case. The process is simple: select your phone model, select your chosen photo, order, enjoy!


During the? colder months, it’s no secret that skin gets dry and more prone to spots and blemishes. As the temperature slowly starts to rise, it’s time to bring some life back into your skin and make sure it doesn’t continue to suffer. Keep it? clear and healthy with? Proactiv? and their range of skincare products. When spots and blackheads come out in full force, Proactiv has a simple three step routine, guaranteed to show improvements within a few weeks. With so many success stories, we had to try it ourselves and found it really works – make sure to use it regularly and find the right product for you as they have quite a selection. From toners, masks and serums, there’s plenty to keep your skin glowing!

Body Building Sportswear

One of the best things about spring is the opportunity to get back into hobbies that you’d previously neglected a bit. Step outside and enjoy a run – with longer days and a bit of sunshine, it’s the perfect time to get productive. It can be difficult to start working out again. Forcing yourself to hit the gym when it’s cold outside is no easy feat but retail therapy is always refreshing. Treating yourself to some new clothing might just be the little push you need.? Body Building sportswear is a great place to have a look for gym clothes that are comfy and fitting for whatever exercise you’re doing. Their sportswear gives us the added boost we need for a session. If looking and feeling good down at the gym is a priority of yours, Ryderwear has a wide range of apparel that is sure to catch your eye, such as tank tops for men. However, with sports and exercise, you need to be dressed comfortably and appropriately for strenuous physical activity as well as looking good. These include your socks; running, hiking and more can put a lot of stress on your body which athletic compression socks reduce. This makes your whole sporting experience more enjoyable with a reduced risk of muscle damage.

Chroma Stationery

Although it’s getting warmer outside, we haven’t packed away our jumpers and fluffy socks just yet. There’s still time to cram in some cosy nights before summer gets here: a fireplace, hot chocolate and blankets are on the cards. The only thing missing is a notebook to get creative and jot down your thoughts, ideas, travel plans and goals. Even if you’re not a natural writer, having a pretty notebook to jot down your thoughts in can be the ‘something new’ you try this season. Keeping the personalised theme going, Chroma Stationery offers customised designs on everything you need to keep organised from a notebook to a diary. The brand believes that colour reflects personality and mood. We couldn’t agree more. Plan, write or study in style.

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