Staying Body-Positive All Year Round

by Olivia Bouchard

I find that as February is coming to a close, I’m noticing a very welcome change in the weather. For the first time in ages, I’m stepping out of my front door and being greeted with a blue sky and sunshine. By no means can it be said that the weather is warm yet. However, I think we have finally entered that lovely period of ‘pre-spring’ where the clouds are fewer and farther between.

This is a great thing. It reminds us that in no time at all the temperature will be rising, the trees will get their leaves back and the beach will be waiting for us. Soon, we can say goodbye to the dark colors of our winter clothes and hello to light dresses, skirts, and bikinis.

This can also be a daunting thought. I don’t know about anyone else, but my New Years’ resolution of losing some weight has become a distant memory. I haven’t been strict enough with myself and now I’m in the position of feeling very unprepared for summer. It’s this time of year that I look on with envy at all the mommy makeover pictures as the women who get that procedure look beach-ready and in great shape regardless of the season. Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a shot one day.

Being ‘bikini-body ready’ is something that plays on my mind more often that it probably should.

I think we all find it easier in winter when we can wrap up and cover up with chunky layers.

It’s so easy to feel like our bodies aren’t good enough. I’m definitely guilty of it. The thought of laying it all bare on the beach this summer fills me with dread.

BUT, I realise that there are so many things wrong with this viewpoint.

Body-positivity is one of the most important things you can have. The way we think about our bodies massively affects our mental health. Having a healthy mind-body relationship isn’t about changing things until you’re satisfied with how you look. It’s about accepting our bodies as they are, whatever shape or size they might be in. As body positivity is important, this then comes as no surprise to find that some people may choose to work on their self-confidence by visiting someone like a Bay Area Boudoir Photographer, for example, in the hopes of improving on this aspect of their life. It’s all about feeling empowered, which is one step towards body positivity.

Every little flaw you think you have, they are part of you. It’s so difficult but we have to find a way to get past the idea that there is one perfect body type. It sounds cliché but every single one of us is beautiful. As we are.

Realising this is the first and most difficult step towards being happy in our bodies. I know I’m certainly not there yet, and there will be days when I feel better about it and days when I feel worse. But if we can all remember to see ourselves for the wonderful, sexy and gorgeous people we are (no matter how we look) we’ll be well on our way to staying body-positive all year round!

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