Stop Living The Cookie-Cutter Life

by Tina Patricia

What is the cookie-cutter life?

Growing up as kids, we’re told that when we grow up, we have to get a great education along with a reputable job to stick out until we’re 60. In between all that, you have to find your routine, find a person to get married to before you’re 30 and have three kids before you hit 35, live in a big house with a pool and live the rest of your life until you’re on your death bed looking back and thinking…what was that? 

Unfortunately, I think we are all guilty of buying into this type of living. This ‘cookie-cutter lifestyle’ set upon us at a young age takes away our individuality; we’re all cut into the same shape.

Hold the phone…who said that we have to live this way?

One person tells you how to live your life and you try to make sense of it. You mix it up in the process and pass it on. Then, when things don’t pan out like you were told they would, you think you screwed up and life is damned as you know it. You won’t be swimming in the greens, living in that huge house with a pool and so life will feel awful.

Who said that we had to live exactly as people say we should? How is everyone else living? Do they work and have careers? Are people getting married to celebrate their love not their title? Are they having kids to help make this world a better place rather than just following the crowd? Are people beginning to enjoy their lives and live them the way they want, knowing that at the end of the day – it’s what brings a fire to their souls? Are we steering away from this cookie-cutter life?

Is learning to jump from the safety net going to change the way you live?

I’ve thought about this more every time I’ve heard advice from friends and family. I’m always the one searching for answers within others, and taking what they tell me to heart. They always seem to give me that other option – the one I didn’t think about or the side I didn’t see. But truthfully, we already know the answers, we just want affirmation for our thoughts. Or we battle with how wrong they are. Why do we do this to ourselves when all we have to do is follow what we think is true to us?

No one can tell you how to live. There is no rule book to life. You can draw it up, erase it, throw some confetti in there, and really mix it up in any way you want. It’s your masterpiece – you want to be proud of it when you’ve finished.

Living life to it’s fullest

As a child, I was so quick to think being older was going to be amazing. It is, don’t get me wrong, but now I wish I took time to be a kid and enjoy life. Learn how I can be happy with the little things that bring joy. We’re always rushing onto the next chapter in our lives without truly enjoying where we are. All those next steps, jobs, careers, school, riches, homes, marriage, kids and so forth. How about the in-betweens? Traveling, laughing, smiling, dancing, biking, random car rides to different towns. Having a great conversation, smelling that fresh cut grass, sipping on wine, feeling alive!

Why it’s okay not to have it together

Every moment, decision, and feeling brings you to where you are right now. Yes, we will stumble and fall. We’ll make countless mistakes. Isn’t that what defines us from the next person? Without those mistakes, you wouldn’t be who you are and you wouldn’t put the broken pieces together to create a fantastic opportunity somewhere in the future.

Live the way you want to live

Do what serves you and what makes you feel good at that moment. If nobody agrees with it, so what?! If they’re a true part of your story they will be there and stick it out because they love you and you’re human. If you’re not feeding your soul something good, then change or leave whatever isn’t keeping that positive vibe going. Happiness starts with you – so steer clear from the heard of sheep, be you and do you. As long as you believe everything you’re doing is right, you won’t lay on your death bed in regret. You’ll be content knowing you lived each day to your own rule book.

Shape your cookies the way you want… know what I mean?

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