Stop Yawning In The Morning With These 5 Commuting Routines

by Louisa Green

Getting out of bed is an issue. Commuting on the underground is also an issue. Getting to work is what, the worst of them all? Make your mornings a little bit better by changing up your routine and trying THESE: (And no, it does not include making a kale smoothie with chia seeds).

1. Set your alarm half an hour before you actually need to be out of bed

Yep, when you hear the alarm you genuinely want to die. But try setting it so that you give yourself 15 minutes to snooze, and then another 15 minutes to check the News, Instagram & catch up on your Facebook feed which has by then turned into a debate concerning a country you don’t even live in. Oh, and obviously take that time to appreciate how bloody warm and comfy you are.

2. Have a shower

Pluck up the courage and get in that shower. The colder the better. Brrrr… It wakes you up and keeps you feeling nice ‘n fresh for the day.

3. Walk when you can

If you travel by train and live close to a station, and by close I mean you don’t have to take a bus to get there, WALK. Get some fresh air before you enter a building for 9 hours and stare upon the window wishing you were outside like a child wishing for playtime. However if you live too far away from your workplace to walk, you could look at other ways of commuting to work. You might be interested in something like an electric scooter, which would also allow you to get fresh air whilst still travelling to work quickly. You could look at these ones from this electric scooter melbourne site. Riding an electric scooter on your way to work could really improve your commute. However, walking could be equally as impactful for your morning. Plus, that little bit of exercise goes a long way!

4. Listen to a podcast, not music.

Music rushes people, which might be a good thing, but fast tempo adds stress. If you choose a podcast that you really like, you will be at the office in no time. You genuinely become distracted with whats around you, which on the London Underground, is the best way to travel. Not forgetting it also gives you a conversation starter for that awkward person you share the lift with upon arrival.

5. Lastly, look forward to getting something before your destination

Don’t like coffee? Fine, get a juice, or a tea, or even THAT chocolate croissant you eye up every morning. If you find a cute little cafe that you pass on your journey, give yourself time to buy a little something. Not only will it mean you have something to look forward to amongst your sweaty, busy commute, but you may even build up a relationship with the people who work there, and hey, becoming a regular at a cafe contains many perks, right? Did someone say free coffee?

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