Taylor Made: Berry Sorbet Martini

by Logan Herlihy


If you’ve ever bartended before, or most likely if you’ve ever been to a bar period, at some point you’ve heard this phrase uttered, “I don’t know… make me something yummy.” This phrase comes in a variety of forms, you may have also heard any of these:

“Just… I don’t know… whatever’s good.”

“What would YOU drink?”

“Make me something special!”

The majority of the time it’s not their fault, these people are not professionals, they are simply customers. While it may be frustrating for us behind the bar, I wouldn’t expect to be able to walk into whatever it is you do for a job and pick it right up either. We are the link between you and a delicious concoction. You are willfully admitting your ignorance and trusting us to deliver. This exchange used to frustrate me, all I could think was, “You’ve been waiting ten minutes, and you didn’t stop to think about what the %^$& you wanted to order?!” But after many years, and continuing to increase my knowledge over time, I learned to embrace this. I created a list of go-to drinks for the indecisive. Simple, easy to make, and most importantly, delicious. This week’s cocktail is an old favorite off that list, The Taylor-Made: Berry Sorbet Martini. It’s the perfect response to any girl looking for something sweet and delicious but has no idea what she wants. This is one of the simplest drinks I make, but chicks love it (and dude’s they just won’t admit it), and I’m sure you’ll love it too.


This is the perfect drink for a girls night out, or better yet – a girls night in. It’s super simple, super delicious, and a lot stronger than it tastes (so be careful). Like I said it’s also super easy to make, even though it has five ingredients (but all in equal portions), but with a little creative flair, you can make it look like a £20 cocktail. Here’s what you’ll need:

– A nice bottle of vodka (I love Tito’s, but any mid to premium is great)
– A bottle of Chambord Raspberry Liquor
– Some freshly squeezed lemon juice (an ounce per drink, so squeeze accordingly)
– Gumme (Regular Sugar Syrup)
– Fresh or Boxed Egg Whites (probably boxed if you don’t have experience cracking eggs)
– If you wanna get fancy, a bottle of Maraschino Cherries and a straw
– That’s it… simple

**Side Note: If you’ve never made cocktails before and are unsure of the reason for needing eggwhites, it’s simply about creating a frothy creamy drink. If you drink a lot of Martinis you’ve almost assuredly had a drink made with egg whites before. Don’t get grossed out, they are totally safe and healthy, and hey protein! So now you’re getting drunk… and healthy!**


– Firstly, get everything laid out (all your bottles, egg whites and juice)
– Make sure your martini glasses are rather large (at least 6 oz) as the drink will thin slightly when mixed and you don’t want to overflow
– It’s possible to make two drinks at a time, but you will need a very large shaker, or simply get small cute martini glasses and split each drink into two
– You will need all your basic cocktail making tools again (shaker, strainer, etc.)


In an empty shaker add 1oz each of the following:
– Vodka
– Chambord
– Lemon Juice
– Gumme
– Egg White


– If you know what you’re doing, here is where you would first “dry shake” then add ice and “wet shake”… (just add ice and shake for about 15-20 seconds.)
– If you simply want to double strain into the glass then enjoy! However, if you have a flair for the dramatic presentation, then you can add one more step…
– Using the juice from the cherries, dip the straw into the bright red juice and plug the other end with your finger so no juice comes out
– Bring the straw to the foamy, yummy martini glass and allow some juice to drip out (one drop at a time) around the edge of the glass, using four drops total to create a cross shape with the red cherry dots.
– Once you’ve got all four of your dots, dip the straw lightly into the center of one of the dots and draw a circle with the straw going through the center of each of the red dots, and finishing back at the top
– Voila! You’ve created a beautiful set of four red hearts encircling the glass… Post that shiz to Instagram and drink up!


This cocktail is great for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and/or simply just a girls night out (or in). It’s sweet, but not overly sweet, and it’s got just the right amount of kick, mixed with deliciousness. I hope you enjoy and remember to comment, share, and even send in your own recipes for us to try out.

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