Taylor Magazine’s Guide To…. What To Do When You’re Stuck Indoors For A Week Or Two

by Catherine Nicholls

So you’re stuck indoors for one reason or another. Maybe you’re ill. Maybe the weather’s closed the city down. Perhaps a global pandemic is taking over. You know, just your run of the mill, everyday, shut-yourself-off-from-the-rest-of-the-planet kind of thing.

At first, it’s pretty great to sleep in ’til noon and finally have the time to binge that new Netflix show everyone’s talking about. But then, by about day three, the boredom sets in. With limited space, and limited entertainment, things can get pretty rough. Fear not, dear Taylor reader! We’re here to help. Here’s some of the things we’re looking forward to getting up to the next time we’re stuck indoors.

Practicing our yoga moves

Alternate title: finally learning how to do the splits. We all know that goal setting is a great way to achieve things, and guess what?! If you follow the right steps over the course of two weeks, by the end of it, you’ll be able to do the splits. That’s almost worth being stuck indoors in the first place, we think. Of course, if that isn’t totally up your alley, just practicing your downward-facing dog is a great way to pass the time, too. Either way, getting out of bed and actually being active will help you to feel like you’re being productive. And you have a cool new party trick. Win win!

Learning a new language

Do you remember the days before Duolingo? When car CDs and bulky thesauruses were all the rage? How lucky we are to be stuck indoors in this generation, is all I can say. Having extra time to dawdle around the house can feel intimidating – what’s stopping you from putting those hours to use? Online apps and tutorials mean that learning a language is easier than ever. Why not prep some Japanese for that dream Tokyo trip? Or refresh your French Grammar knowledge for the next time you run into your old high school tutor? It’ll probably be more useful than that marathon of The Office. Sorry to break it to you.

Mastering our Mario Kart skills

Hey, I didn’t say that all of this list would be productive. It’s all well and good to become a more well-rounded individual. It’s equally as okay to spend a whole day trying to beat Rainbow Road. Or build that perfect house on The Sims. Or sitting in anxious anticipation for the new Animal Crossing game. Whatever floats your boat, really.

Figuring out how to actually do a crossword

You know those elegant people on the train who spend the journey effortlessly completing the puzzle page of the paper? We’ve always wanted to become one of them, and now’s our chance. Stock up on the sudoku books and puzzle pages. Unleash your inner eighty-year-old. Finally figure out how to complete a word wheel – and then let us know, too, please!

Reconnecting with old friends

We get it – you’re a busy person. It’s often difficult to set aside the time to properly catch up with distant family members or old friends. Now’s your chance! Call up your great aunt or WhatsApp your cousin. Schedule in a FaceTime session or two with some high school classmates – why not strengthen those old connections while you have the time to?

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