“Thanks For The Trouble” by Tommy Wallach – Book Review

by Cassandra York
Thanks For The Trouble Tommy Wallach

A major problem that I have noticed in today’s society is how people, including myself, neglect to truly live their lives to the fullest. With technology becoming so addicting, it is difficult to put down the smart phone and simply live in the moment. I picked up Thanks for the Trouble just before entering my senior year of high school and I finished it feeling more inspired than ever. This clever novel contains an important message that is definitely worth the read.

Parker hasn’t spoken a word since a tragic event in his life. Without a care in the world about his future or frankly, his present, he often ditches school to spend time in fancy hotels. Not staying in hotels as a guest but merely sitting in the lobby “people watching” as the guests come and go. One day, Parker meets Zelda, a girl with silver hair claiming to be much older than she seems. His whole perspective on life completely changes as he gets to know her.

I was at a complete loss for words upon finishing this beautifully crafted novel. The entire book was a masterpiece that left me in awe.

Tommy Wallach has such a charismatic method of storytelling creating such a unique and powerful storyline.

I can’t get over the brilliant perspective in which this story is told and how carefully chosen each word is. I like a book with a message and great quotes and this book excels in both categories.

By far, the best part of this incredible book was the characters. The whole story is told in Parker’s perspective, a teenage boy who chooses not to speak. It seems like it would be quite difficult to tell a good story when the main character will not even speak a word yet Wallach effortlessly manages to do so in Thanks for the Trouble. Despite the fact that he refuses to speak, Parker has such a distinct voice. Zelda is an intriguing female lead with quirky characteristics. While most YA contemporary books dismiss the female as petty and materialistic, Zelda has this unique spirit that defies all stereotypes. Communicating solely through pen and notebooks, Parker and Zelda are unforgettable characters that teach readers a lesson or two about life and the importance of appreciating it while it lasts.

Not only does Parker use his notebook to communicate, but he also uses it to express his inner thoughts by crafting these brilliant stories. Wallach chooses to include excerpts throughout the book showcasing a story within a story as the reader is given insight into Parker’s character. These stories add an additional element that only enhances Wallach’s raw and beautiful story.

This humorous yet inspirational tale is unlike any book that I have ever read.  It is perfect for any teen reader no matter your gender. Wallach is an exceptional author and I highly recommend this book even solely based on his writing style. What makes this novel even more amazing is the mind-blowing ending that wraps up the whole story. In a world completely run by technology it is important that we maintain social interactions through actual conversation rather than behind a glowing screen. You never know how a simple conversation might change your life much like what happened between Parker and Zelda.

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