The Art Of Living In Your Truth

by Jana Prackova

Living in your truth is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself and to this world. Unfortunately, many of us don’t live this way. I used to be one of those people. I was living in denial and I wasn’t accepting myself fully. I was pretending I was somebody I wasn’t, just to be accepted by society. I believed I wasn’t good enough. It was an exhausting way of living. When I finally made the decision to be proud of who I really am, I felt liberated. I could finally breathe easier and be who I really came here to be. I love and accept myself fully now, even the imperfections I used to dislike. I still get my moments but who doesn’t? It’s part of our human experience. When I feel like that now, I know I need to go ‘home’. I need to go home to my soul, to my truth.

Living in my truth brought many wonderful blessings into my life. It helped me to embrace my authenticity, and to release many blocks which have been holding me back from discovering my true purpose. I’m pleased to say I found my purpose in life now. A big part of it is to share my truth with the world. This way, I can inspire others to do the same.

Here are three tips which I believe can help you to start living in your truth. When you’re truthful to yourself and to others, you bring more light to the world.


Accepting yourself for who you are is a wonderful way of connecting to your truth. Every time I get a low moment in life or I notice I’m being hard on myself, I use this powerful affirmation: “I love and accept myself just the way I am.” It’s okay to feel what you are feeling in a given moment. You’re allowed to feel what you’re feeling instead of denying your truth. Part of you is a beautiful divine soul but the other part of you is a human being which can be hard at times. Remember that you’re doing the best you can based on the knowledge and understanding you have at the time. By accepting this truth, you allow yourself to be who you came here to be and who you really are.


Many of us define ourselves by what we do. When we meet somebody new and introduce ourselves, we often state what we do for a living (if our job title is what defines us). We got used to believing that we are what we do. I believe otherwise. I know there are so many creative souls on this planet doing jobs they don’t enjoy because they believe they have to do them. Rent has to be paid, children have to be fed and the list of our commitments goes on. But who are you when you’re not at work? Who are you when you’re not doing the work that pays your bills? Are you still the job title you mentioned when you introduced yourself? Of course not. Ask yourself these few simple questions: What brings me joy? What is it that I love doing so much that I forget about time? What inspires me? The answers to these questions can lead you to your true life’s purpose. Make a decision to become more creative today and find some time to do what really makes you happy. Do you like dancing, painting, singing, gardening or inspiring young people? Do it. Your soul longs to express itself creatively. Let it!

Living in the present moment

Being deeply connected to the present moment can be a challenge for many. Our minds are constantly wandering. We often visit the past and pay for the same mistakes twice, even more times just by thinking about them. All of this is unnecessary. The other problem is future tripping. Creating fictional scenarios in our minds often stresses us out. Sometimes we’re not even realising that by doing so we’re losing the power of the present moment. The present moment is the only place where real life exists. The past is not here anymore and there is nothing which can be changed about the past… only our approach towards the past can be changed. The future is not here yet, and the only way to create a great future for ourselves is to align fully with the present moment. Make a decision today that you’re going to focus more on what’s happening right now. When you’re having a conversation with a friend be fully present and focus on what they have to say. When you’re walking in nature engage all your senses to connect with the outside world. Look at the trees. What shapes are their branches? Are they blossoming? Can you feel the breeze on your face? Which direction is the wind coming from? All of this means being present. Living in the present moment can help you align more with your truth.

It does take courage to start progressing with the art of living in your truth but it’s one of the most liberating experiences one can have. Accept your flaws and forgive yourself for not being perfect. Who is? The art of living in your truth will empower you. When you are being truthful you will always attract the right people into your life, the people who will reflect the frequency of your truth. Being true to yourself can also increase your confidence. You will be able to hear the voice of your soul more clearly. Truthful living can also lead you to your unique life’s purpose. When you are true to yourself, you’ll feel at peace with yourself and the world around you.

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