The Beauty of Love

by Li Yakira Cohen

Love is patient and love is kind. Love is never boastful and never jealous, but most importantly, love is the greatest measure of self-worth.

Why it’s more than just a relationship

When people think about relationships, they think about the infatuation between two people. They imagine the puppy-eyed conversations between two lovers. The cute, yet corny, notes between two people who seem to be hopelessly in love. While those associations may be a part of some relationships, they are only a byproduct of something much bigger than any honeymoon phase.

Many people who are seeking their other half believe that unless they get into a serious relationship with someone who they feel is ‘the one,’ they’ll never be or feel complete. But relationships are not the deciding factor of self-completion. A lot of people struggle with this and don’t understand that they’re already good enough and are already “complete” — relationships just add to this. If you struggle loving yourself then you might want to look into Napa counselors as they can help you discover how you can know your self-worth and overcome your lack of confidence. The truth is, relationships themselves don’t mean that someone else completes you; it is falling in love that proves you’ve finally completed yourself.

Loving another leads to loving yourself

When you truly fall in love, you become immune to the feeling that you have to impress other people. You realise that you’re enough. Having that love for someone teaches you how to be vulnerable and honest. Not only with your significant other but also with yourself. When you learn that these fundamental principles are needed for a successful relationship, you also learn what is needed to love yourself.

Opening yourself up in such a way helps you to come to the understanding that you are irreplaceably perfect and that regardless of your traits that may lower your self-esteem, you are beautiful and you do serve a purpose in this world. You’re finally able to appreciate yourself for all of your flaws, assets, and marks of excellence that make you so unique.

Letting go of expectations and learning to grow

All the expectations you used to set for yourself are no longer relevant: what you should look like, how you should act in specific situations, how you should define success. The only thing that matters at this point is that you are in constant growth and development for the goals you set for your own well-being. As long as you are trying, you are enough.

Saying goodbye to fear

But, perhaps the most incredible aspect of realising your self-worth is the destruction of fear. Yes, you may still be scared of things such as heights, snakes or spiders. However, the poisons in life: jealousy, greed, and insecurity are no longer relevant. All of those aspects of life that used to infiltrate your mind and make you feel less than your worth are nonexistent, as you now know that you are imperfectly perfect. That is something to be embraced.

After these realisations happen, love can truly blossom. When you no longer have self-induced negativity holding you down, there is nothing but positivity pulling you up.

Live long and love hard, but more importantly, love yourself!

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