“The Best Day Of My Life Was The Day We Met”: Melanie & Maikel’s Wedding Story

by Taylor Team

How We Met

Maikel and I met at a New Year’s Eve party to welcome in the year 2009. I was 16 years old, and Maikel was 18. We fell in love the second that we saw each other; the moment that Maikel walked into the room, I turned to my friend and told her that he was the man I wanted to marry one day.

That night after a short conversation, Maikel texted me that I was the love of his life and that he couldn’t wait to see me again. It was from then that our happily ever after started!

In 2015, I spent a year abroad in Baltimore, USA, where I worked as an Au Pair. Maikel stayed in Germany to continue studying. It was tough being in a long-distance relationship, but we made it. We knew then that we were made for each other, and never wanted to be separated from one another again. We Skyped every single day, and our conversations and feelings grew even deeper, despite the fact that we were so far apart.

The Proposal

After I returned to Germany, Maikel and I bought an apartment together. A year later, on my 25th birthday, Maikel proposed! It was a hat party, where all of our friends and family dressed up and wore fancy hats. Maikel wore a suit and a bowtie, which I thought was part of his costume. At midnight, after a photo slideshow of the past nine years of our life, he went down on one knee and asked me to be his wife with the most beautiful ring that I’ve ever seen!

The Wedding Planning

We started to plan the wedding a few weeks later. Whilst we were looking for invitations, Maikel was messing around and joked that we should use Star Wars themed birthday party invites for our wedding invitations. He was even about to add in some Star Wars themed balloons!

At first, I was disappointed that he wasn’t taking the wedding planning seriously, but then I realised that, even if he was joking, this was our wedding, not just mine. Maikel is a big Star Wars fan, so we decided to mix both of our favourite things together to create an elegant Star Wars-themed wedding. It was so much fun to plan, and we made sure to focus on what we wanted to have at our wedding, rather than what others would expect, or want to be there.

We decided on a funfair-inspired menu, as there was a big funfair going on in our hometown at the time of our wedding. Our photographer, Alexandra Gorr, took us there to take some of our wedding pictures, which was such a spontaneous idea! Maikel and his best men wore Star Wars socks, and our decorations were a mix of elegant, natural, recycled, and Star Wars.

The Wedding Day

I was so nervous on our wedding day, but it was absolutely wonderful. My favourite moment was when we started partying, and all of our guests were jumping along with us on the dance floor. Our DJ was great at encouraging everyone to jump with us, and we all felt so free and happy. It was an amazing feeling. Our first dance was to a vintage soul cover of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus, which is Maikel’s favourite song.

At the end of the night, we danced in the candlelight. It was so beautiful, and we cried through a lot of it because we felt so blessed and so happy. The alcohol had also kicked in a little by then! All of our friends and family put candles in a big circle on the floor, and we stood barefoot in the middle of it, just hugging and crying. It was so beautiful, and we were so thankful for everything.

I wouldn’t say that the wedding day was the best day ever because the best day of our lives was the day that we met. Our wedding day was still a beautiful and relaxed day without any stress, and I think that’s why everyone was so comfortable.

Where We Are Now

In May, we became parents to our beautiful and happy daughter, Emily Hannah. It challenged us a little bit, but we continue to have a date night once a month to ensure that we’re not only parents but also still best friends. It was so important for us to do something fun (even during the Coronavirus pandemic) without our daughter. I am beyond happy about this marriage and that we got so lucky and blessed. For our future, my only wish is health. 

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