The Brunch Diaries – East London Edition

by Bianca Buffone

London is the brunch capital of Europe, everyday there seems to be a different brunch spot opening up, which means the brunch possibilities are endless.

East London is filled with independent brunch spots that sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one.

I’m not afraid to admit it but I do have a slight brunch obsession, and by slight I mean I would have brunch meals all day, every day if I could! Even when I’m abroad, I’m constantly seeking out restaurants that specialise in brunch Lynchburg based or similar. My normal weekends in London though usually consist of my trying a new brunch spot and inhaling everything on the menu… so if you love brunch as much as I do keep reading!

Barber and Parlour

This brunch hotspot is not your ordinary brunch establishment it’s also a barbershop, cinema and sells cute household items. The reason Barber and Parlour is one of my favourite brunch spots is because the food and lattes are delicious and there is a great ambience even if it seems like there is a lot going on. My suggestion would be to go for the classic avo on toast, trust me you won’t be disappointed. Barber and Parlour is one of those places that you could go to hang out with friends, go on a brunch date or just get some work done. This place is always busy so I would suggest getting there early. What’s great is that even though it gets really busy the staff is super lovely and never tries to push anyone out like a lot of other London brunch spots. There are so many brunch spots now available and it is truly inspiring to see so many people pursuing their passions. If you have a similar desire you should genuinely consider it. Of course, you should research extensively first. Your research could include visiting an energy comparison site like Simply to get an understanding of the costs involved.

Palm Vaults

This gem is in the heart of Hackney and the moment I walked in I felt like I was transported to Miami; the pink décor and plants hanging from the wall gave me the tropical vibes that London is obviously missing, This café has one of the best lattes I’ve ever had, it’s like a cake party in your mouth, once you have the red velvet latte there’s no going back! Pairing the latte with a healthy berry acai bowl is an added bonus that leaves your taste buds wanting more!

Friends of Ours

Nestled in the heart of Hoxton this charming brunch spot actually does make you feel like your friends with everyone in there. Even though it is quite small the atmosphere is great and so is the service. There are always people coming in and out, so it does get quite busy but it is worth the wait. I would suggest getting the corn fritters with a poached egg, an added bonus would have to be getting the peanut butter and banana milkshake…it gets me every time.

Long White Cloud

This Aussie café is another hidden gem in Hoxton that many people just walk by because they don’t know it exists. This sweet little brunch spot is where all the locals go to get their brunch fix. The brunch options are healthy and the coffee is perfect. I would suggest getting the French toast with fresh fruit and agave, even though it was a sweet option it was tasty and a healthy brunch choice. The staff is lovely and really makes you feel at home. What’s great is that Long White Cloud is right off the main road so you get to miss the hustle and bustle of the main street; it’s the perfect spot to hit right after exploring Columbia Road Flower market.

119 Lower Clapton

This airy café with a minimal style look with a touch of retro is located in Lower Clapton. It serves up great coffee and healthy brunch choices that are perfect for everyone. For my first visit I kept my brunch simple – poached eggs with avo and toast, and I was not disappointed. This spot is a great place to hangout and catch up with friends or to get some work done. What makes this brunch spot unique is that they have various workshops that go on every month and they also support numerous music and art projects, they are currently displaying Luciana Francis’ art until the end of February, so indulge in delicious food and get inspired by the art all around you.

Brunching really is a way of life and there’s no better place to fed that addiction than London Town where the possibilities are endless!

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