The Film For When…

by Auriel Simmonds

Nothing is better than making a nice cup of tea and cosying up on the sofa to watch a film. But then you actually have to pick a film. And none of the options sound like anything you would be remotely interested in. We’ve all been there. Our film preferences change depending on what mood we’re in which makes it even harder to make an actual decision. And that’s why I’ve decided to put together a little list of film that you can pull up the next time you just can’t decide what film to watch. Here are films for when…

When You Want To Laugh: Ghost Town

Ricky Gervais plays Bertram Pincus: a misanthropic dentist living in New York City, who avoids people at all costs. But when he has a near-death experience during an operation, he discovers that he is able to see and communicate with dead people who all want him to do something for them. This bizarre scenario is the foundation of an incredibly funny and touching film. We see Bertram gradually open up his heart and let other people in. His lonely existence transforms into one filled with laughter, care and love because at the end of the day, it is our connection with other people that make us who we are. 

P.S…. The end will make you ugly cry but you’ll be laughing throughout.

A Film For When You Want To Be Transported Somewhere Else: Amélie

Paris. The city of romance. But for Amélie, it’s a city of endless possibilities. A fantasist who truly appreciates the little things in life, Amélie has one mission: to help the people around her. This enthralling film is unlike any other I’ve seen in the best way possible. Navigating life and love in a whimsical and dreamlike version of Paris, this film is the perfect one to watch when you just want to travel somewhere without leaving your seat!

When You Want A Good Cry: Moulin Rouge!

Atmosphere. Spectacle. Tears. Music. Moulin Rouge has it all. A Parisian love story (there’s just something about the Paris of films!) that is based in the city’s most popular nightclub, the Moulin Rouge, where the world is passionate and glitzy. But this film will leave you heartbroken. It’s a tale as old as time: two lovers are kept apart and they fight to keep their love alive. You’ll yearn for their relationship to survive the trials they face and go between crying and singing. All the while, you’ll be captivated by the vibrant colours of the Moulin Rouge and the sheer fantastical shine of every single scene.

A Film For When You’re Feeling Misunderstood: Ladybird

One of the worst feelings to experience is feeling like you’ve been misunderstood. It can be so isolating and can be hard to overcome. And that’s why you should watch Ladybird. Following a high school senior’s final year at school, we see her struggles with not knowing what her future will hold while enduring a tense relationship with her mother. The reason that Ladybird is the perfect coming-of-age film is the fact that it’s real. Life is hard and people won’t always understand what you’re going through. But it also highlights the fact that those who truly care about you might not understand what you’re going through but by standing by your side, you’ll never endure anything alone. 

When You Want To See Something Aesthetically Pleasing: Call Me By Your Name

Sometimes when you watch a film, the storyline isn’t the only thing keeping your interest. And sometimes, it’s the aesthetics alone that keep you watching. Luckily, with Call Me By Your Name, you get both, which may be the reason I’ve watched it more times than I’d like to admit! Set in 1983, it tells the story of 17-year-old Elio who is spending another summer in his family’s Italian 17th-century villa. Except this summer is different from all the rest: he finds himself falling for his father’s research assistant Oliver. They explore Italy and its beauty while exploring each other, as their relationship grows and so too do they as individuals. The breathtaking shots of Lombardy with the vibrant green countrysides and the clear blue skies and water, imbues the film with a relaxing essence that doesn’t let you go, even when the film ends. 

All the moods… well, some of the many moods we can find ourselves in and the movies to watch when you’re in them! Films are wonderful. They can help us feel less alone. They can make us laugh in a dark moment. They can even transport us to completely new worlds and frames of minds, and that’s something we can be grateful for! 

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