The Most Valuable Things In Life Come Free

by Rebecca Taylor
Taylor Magazine Minimalist guide to life
Do you ever sit there at the window and wonder what your values are and what is important to you? I know I do and I have never really known or been completely conscious of what they were until one day it hit me and I wanted to know what were the things that are really important to me?
I sat there and thought and thought, until I gathered a list and boy oh boy has it helped me. I now realise what I care about most, what I stand for if something affects me. But I’m unsure what it is I know what it could be one of the following things. It has helped me immensely to divide my time to what I care about most to get the full greatest quality out of my time and day to day life. Without it I’m not sure what else productive I would be spending my time doing. Here are 4 things that are important to me and completely free.


Acceptence comes in many forms, one is; being able to be accepted as you are which is important to most people because without it you can feel awfully isolated which can lead to harsh feelings of self doubt. Being accepted means you don’t have to put on an act or change for certain people. You can just be who you truly are and embrace it to the fullest. I have lived most of my teenage years being unaccepted which put a strain on my self belief for a long time. I wasn’t able to be my true self or express myself in different ways like art and fashion because I was afraid of being bullied more.
It wasnt until I left secondary school (or high school in America) that I realised that this wasn’t ok. It wasn’t okay to have an act and not be able to have the freedom to be yourself. I went to college soon after and managed to open up more again little by little and I cannot explain how much weight lifted. I was surrounded by the most warm hearted people and thats what made me realise.. there is no good being around negative, judgmental people.
Be yourself because there is only one of you. People who don’t accept are not worth the pain you put yourself through.


I love being inspired. It is the best way to start getting motivated for anything and there are so many sources that can be used to get inspiration from. For me it keeps me get my day started with some morning inspiration on Pinterest before heading out the house. I causally scroll through Pinterest a few times throughout the day for all kinds of things such as; quotes, fashion, home & decor, countries I would like to visit, health recipes and DIY crafts. You can also even look on Pinterest for reviews of products or places to eat out. It is so broad.


Families are initially the first ever people you bond with, they are part of your growth and teach you how to do everything. My family are so important to me because they have helped me through so much. Especially over the past few years whilst battling with mental health. Yes we have had our ups and downs (like all family’s do I’m sure) but I cannot thank them enough for helping me through the tough times but also being there for all the good times. Family’s are there to pick you up and cherish special moments with you. Sometimes you have special people that are more than just a friend. They have become family to you. And I definitely have that person in mind.


There two things you cannot buy in life; relationships with people and good health.
I agree with this down to the bone. Health is one of the most important things you can have in a lifetime, without it you can’t do much. You cannot walk miles with your friends without clear lungs. You cannot do sports or swim the channel without good heart health. You cannot visit your loved ones as much as you would like.
I have suffered a few health problems over the past few years due to mental illnesses which has really sucked. I now look back and am thankful for little by little taking a step forward to become in a better place because if I hadn’t, there could’ve been serious consequences in years to come. I’m glad to say that I am doing well and that I am doing everything I can to alter my health for the damage that has already been done.
In a nutshell do what you can to look after yourself. It is easier to change your habits and lifestyle now than it is to change the damage that has been done later on in life. You have one life and one life only so make the most of it. Because remember you can’t buy health or happiness. When you’re healthy, you’re happy.

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