The Scrapbook: The Ultimate Therapy Tool

by Olivia Bouchard

Who’s guilty of starting a scrapbook, getting four or five pages in and then abandoning it forever? ME! They always seem like a great idea at the time and then, like with most craft projects, we forget about them and they sit in a cupboard somewhere, unfinished. Well no more!

Scrapbooks are one of the nicest and most creative ways to keep track of our memories. It can be easy to get caught up in the business of the day-to-day. But taking the time to reflect on things we’ve done, people we’ve loved and places we’ve been can be a useful tool for reminding us how lucky we are. There’s something very fulfilling about looking back over the happy moments in our lives and scrapbooks are a wonderful way to do that.

One of the reasons why we hold our memories so dearly, is because reminiscing is a cathartic process and inner reflection can help lead us to inner peace. So, keeping track of the times in our lives when we’ve felt happy, is a great way to relieve stress and remind us of what we love.

Scrapbooking externalises our memories so that we have something physical to remind us what we’re grateful for. They can be filled with anything: pictures of friends, ticket stubs from concerts, notes from loved ones. Whatever brings you joy or transports you to a truly happy time in your life.

Make the time

The biggest obstacle we face with any craft project is time. We all get busy, things get prioritised and starting a scrapbook seems like the least important thing on our list. But that doesn’t mean we should give up! There’s a difference between finding spare time and making time. Making time for projects like scrapbooks is an act of self-care. Because we’re choosing to dedicate a portion of our busy schedules for something creative and enjoyable.

Let go of perfectionism 

A person’s scrapbook is a very personal thing, so there’s no right or wrong way to make one. We have a tendency to want everything to turn out perfectly. But more often than not, things happen that we didn’t expect and we just have to go with it. So, if you’re worried it won’t look perfect, just start. You won’t be tied down to a particular style. It can be ordered chronologically or at random, filled with text or it can just have pictures. However you want to design it, you can. And then you can change it up. Have fun with it and let it be messy! As long as you’re reminded of happy memories then it’s doing the right job.

Give your brain a break

One of the best things about making a scrapbook is that it engages the creative side of your brain. This is something some of us don’t get to exercise regularly. Our minds are often overflowing with worry, things like everyday mundane tasks we need to get done or pressure at work. Whatever it is causing stress in your life, a creative project like a scrapbook can really help you to switch off from it. It’s a chance to put your energy into something that’s just for you. To create a physical keep-sake which you can enjoy for a long time afterwards. Working on a scrapbook can be really therapeutic as it gives your mind a break from all of the usual daily worries. It’s very calming.

So what are you waiting for?

Get out to the shops or go online and find your favourite stationary store, pick up a notebook or journal you like the look of, find some funky pens and some tape and start scrapbooking! 

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