The Ultimate Skin Care Party: Your Guide To Throwing One

by Tess DiNapoli

Everyone loves a party, right? And with a clear concept and a bit of planning, you can throw an amazing skin care party for you and your friends to enjoy. To get you started, here are some tips for preparing and throwing the ultimate skin care party at home.

Know What You Are Trying To Achieve

The first and most important factor to consider when planning your party is what you are wanting to achieve. Do you just want to have a bit of fun? Educate your friends about natural skin care, using resources from the Victorian Cosmetic Institute or other places? Or maybe get a discount on your favorite skin care brand? Setting yourself a goal will simplify the decision-making process about who to invite and what kinds of activities to offer.

Just For Fun

For a “just for fun” skin care party, consider inviting your friends over and asking them to bring along their favourite skin care products (lip balms, moisturisers, and body butters galore!). Korean skincare brand Laneige could be your favorite skin care brand for example way, you could introduce your friends to Laneige’s products. This way they can discover new ways to take care of their skin. You’ll friends will probably bring their own brands along as well so you can all learn from the positives each of your products brings. Set a theme like “pajama party” or “movie night” and get the ladies to arrive in their most comfortable gear-complete with slippers and blankets. After sharing some snacks, invite your girls to enjoy a nice foot spa before trying each other’s creams and settling down for a chick flick and dessert. If you want all of the fun with none of the stress, consider throwing a private glam party and enjoy an afternoon of professional pampering without having to lift a finger!

Education About Natural Skin Care

If you want to have your party at home and your goal is to raise awareness about the importance of using non-toxic, cruelty-free, and organic skin care, start by collecting samples of your favorite natural skin-care brands and trying them out yourself. Then invite your friends over for a sample session and offer delicious, healthy snacks before introducing your main presenter or giving a light-hearted and compelling talk about the importance of natural products. You could even teach your guests how to make natural, DIY skin-care products at home!

Earning Discounts On Your Favourite Skin-Care Brand

Perhaps you have a skin-care brand that you just love. A discount on their products would go a long way. When you invite a consultant to give a presentation at your house, you can receive discounts for hosting, as well as added bonuses if any of your friends decide to buy some products or host a party themselves.

Invite An Expert

Whichever kind of skin-care party you decide to throw, inviting an expert can be a big drawcard. This could be a beautician, a naturopath, an animal welfare activist, or even a professional masseuse. If you have chosen a brand to promote, the consultant will bring his or her own products and give a presentation about the brand and what sets it apart from the rest.

For any other professional guest, make sure to book them in with plenty of notice and pay the rate that their qualifications and experience deserve. To help with costs, you could charge each of your guests a small entry price, explaining what the expert has to offer and how your guests will benefit from the session (professional head and neck massages, anyone?).

Invite Some Guests

Once your expert invitee is secured, it’s time to fill the place with guests! A general rule of thumb is to invite between 20 and 40 people and hope that around half will show up. To decide who to invite, think about your friends and what’s important to them. For example, young moms are often interested in non-toxic beauty products that are safe around babies and children. Middle-aged and older women would most likely be attracted to anti-aging products and night creams.

Start by sending out a paper or e-vite in eye-catching, attractive colors. Then follow up with a personal phone call to each and every person on your guest list. This little bit of extra effort can go a long way towards convincing people to come!

Prepare the Activities

A successful party is one that has been prepared thoughtfully and thoroughly. Show your guests how much you appreciate them taking the time to come by offering a few well-chosen activities at your skin care party.

Wellness activities like foot spas, face masks, shoulder massages, and aromatherapy can quickly turn your living room into a day spa and make your guests feel pampered and relaxed. There are also games you can play like “what’s in your purse” and a hostess quiz with prizes. Go for three or so games to keep your guests interested while also giving them time to eat, chat, and browse the products on offer.

Prepare the Food

Add the final touch to your skin-care party by offering a range of light snacks and refreshments. Here are a couple of tips for delighting your guests’ taste buds and helping the conversations along:

Keep Things Bite-Sized

You’ll Include a selection of sweet bites such as fruit skewers and homemade banana ice-cream as well as savory snacks like a cheese platter and veggie sticks with dip.

Match the Food to Your Theme

To really impress your friends, take your theme further by incorporating your edibles. For example, an ethical skin-care party could feature sumptuous vegetarian or vegan food, and a party that’s focused on botanicals could include a buffet of “skin superfoods” like pomegranate and green tea.

Have Fun!

Once you’ve got everything ready and your guests are arriving, relax and have fun! A smiling, enthusiastic hostess can make the difference between a good party and a great one!

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