Three Poetry Books That Speak To The Soul

by Caroline Edwards

In the midst of Spring, all rainy and grey, it can be hard to find inspiration or practice self care. Summer, although it’s right around the corner, seems like years away. As you curl up against the heater, waiting for the first flowers to bloom, take some time to practice mindfulness. Be aware of your feelings and let it consume you. Let yourself feel instead of ignoring your emotions to meet a deadline. Do homework or study. Practicing self care comes in many forms, including reducing stress by taking a minute to focus on your mental health, reducing screen time and reading a book. When your mind is spinning, your heart is having palpitations and you feel isolated, take some time to read some poetry books that speak to the soul.

After all, there’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea by a heater or under an electric blanket, listening to the sound of rain or the busy street outside your window while taking a moment to read some poetry. When life feels like it’s getting too much, let your mind escape by exploring other people’s thoughts with poems about heartbreak, life, mental health and body image. Make the time to sit down with a poetry book and immerse yourself in poetry that’s not required reading.

Here are three books that speak to the soul:

1. She Must be Mad by Charly Cox

Cox’s debut poetry book explores four different narratives that explores what it means to be a young woman. Each distinctive section, ‘She Must Be In Love’, ‘She Must Be Mad’, ‘She Must Be Fat’, and ‘She Must Be An Adult’, is a honest account of womanhood and being a millennial. Her poems discuss romance, mental illness, body image, dating and social media. The line, “for every girl who feels too much,” describes the premise of the book. This poem speaks to the soul by letting you know you’re not alone. In a world filled with social media that does more to isolate one another rather than bring us together, this book feels like a warm cup of tea, and sparks inspiration and an unfiltered account of adulting.

2.  Flux by Orion Carloto

From influencer and writer Orion Carloto, ‘Flux’ is a nostalgic look at past loves. Carloto turns her heartbreak into art throughout her collection of poems, mixed with illustrations by Katie Roberts. With themes love, loss, solitude, depression, sex and unrequited romance, ‘Flux’ offers something for everyone. She mixes one liners with essays, letting fans into her personal life, one line at a time. For when you’re still crying after a breakup or just not over your ex, this poetry book speaks to the soul by letting you know everyone experiences heartbreak and that it will get better; you will love again.

3. Love Her Wild by Atticus

Insta-poet Atticus’ debut book of poetry is a mix of old and new poetry. Atticus explores the smallest and best moments of life – from the mundane to the glamorous. With short prose and black and white photography, Atticus explores being and love and heartbreak. Like Cox’s book, Atticus’ collection is divided into three sections: ‘Love’, ‘Her’ and ‘Wild’, based on the title. There’s romance, a celebration of femininity, a love of whiskey, in which Atticus puts his heart on his sleeve for the audience. Atticus’ book speaks to the soul by being in real and raw, showing the best and worst parts of being in love, and sparking inspiration and adventure words and photography.

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