Tidying Up Your Digital Workspace

by Elizabeth Smith

We all know that feeling – staring aimlessly at your laptop screen not knowing where to start. Your desktop screen is starting to look like a car boot sale of files and documents. What feels like a thousand tabs are open and you have no idea where to find anything. Don’t worry – we’ve been there. While many of us are beginning to do work digitally, working on a computer can often lead to confusion and misplacement. Picture an office desk. You’d feel stressed if there were piles of unorganised paperwork surrounding you. Simply put, this is what can happen to your digital workspace. Here are our top tips on tidying up your digital workspace!

Tidy up your desktop screen

I, for one, love making everything look pretty and tidy. I recommend picking a background you like and setting it as your screensaver. This will automatically make your laptop aesthetically pleasing! Then, clear up the documents that are saved on your desktop. Move ones that you don’t need to your documents folder and keep the ones you need to access daily. I suggest only keeping up to ten documents on your desktop page to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Next, sort out your ‘Start Bar’ and pin the apps you use often onto this widget. For example, I have pinned my documents folder, an internet app, my email app and Microsoft Word. This means you have the apps you use the most in a line at all times.

Delete old and unwanted files

I am guilty of keeping old and unnecessary files in my documents folder for years on end. I hoard them until I finally realise that I haven’t looked at them for ages. Deleting files can seem scary, just in case you delete something you actually did need. So, why not put them into a personal Google Drive account which backs them up and keeps them in a safe space if you do ever need to return to them? This way, you can remove them from your documents file to keep this space full of only the things you really need.

Create folders

Many of us are obsessed with organisation in real life. Having things placed in an orderly way is satisfying and can genuinely make you feel more relaxed. As nerdy as it sounds – you can achieve this feeling by organising your laptop.

I recommend creating two folders for your documents including personal and work folders. This way you can easily separate the things you need for work and the personal documents you need to keep safe. You can even create subfolders within these general folders to organise your files further.

Sort out your tabs

It is easy to get so absorbed in your work that you misplace certain webpages and search through the flurry of open tabs to find it. I have learnt that it helps to open two internet apps at a time and keep important pages in one and do additional research in another. Having too many tabs open at one time will make you feel overwhelmed and might make you lose your train of thought while working.

Organise your digital workspace regularly

Going through your digital workspace frequently and sorting out files will help you to feel organised all the time. You will learn exactly where everything is on your computer. This will save you from those frantic moments of trying to find a specific file. I recommend looking through your files weekly to get the best system out of your digital workspace. This will get you feeling clear-headed and productive while working digitally.

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