Tiny Home Interior Ideas That Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

by Indiana Lee

From reduced financial concerns to less clutter, eco-friendly living, and a host of other benefits, there are plenty of ways that a tiny home just keeps on giving. This is a large part of why the modern movement has continued to endure for so long.

Nevertheless, if you’re committed to or even just thinking about living in a tiny home, it’s important to consider how you’ll maintain your minimalist living habits. It’s easy to write this off as something that will naturally happen in a smaller space. However, if you don’t make an effort to stay minimalist in your mindset, you’ll still end up with a cramped and cluttered space.

With that in mind, here are a few nifty thoughts and considerations that can help you adhere to the minimalist gospel even in the tiniest of homes.

Make Sure You’re Truly Ready to Go Harcore Minimalist

The first step in embracing minimalism in a tiny home is checking your mindset.

It’s easy to make minor changes in your existing lifestyle and then attributing the results to minimalism. However, if you’re going to make the move into a home that could be smaller than a larger bedroom, be sure your commitment to the minimalist lifestyle is serious.

The most critical aspect of minimalism is disassociating it from the idea of simply “getting rid of stuff.” That is certainly a common side effect of minimalism — and one that lends itself to tiny home living, to be sure. However, truly sustaining a minimalist mindset requires more than just reducing your belongings.

True minimalism frees you from an addiction to materialism. It liberates you from the need to always be shopping for and organizing new things. Instead, it challenges you to consider your basic needs and address them and only them. This mindset doesn’t change after a thorough purging of your belongings. It endures, enabling you to primarily tend to basic needs and then relax or focus on experiences over possessions for the long-term.

If you’re going to go full-blown minimalist, including your house, you must consider the commitment that this requires.

Plan Your Tiny Home Layout Thoughtfully

If you know that you’re a minimalist at heart and you’ve decided that a tiny home is the right option for you, the next step is to plan out your space — very carefully. Living in a tiny home can feel a bit like living in a one-bedroom or even a studio apartment. The space isn’t just limited. It also requires a creative mindset to ensure that it’s functional. 

With that in mind, start by adding up your basic home layout needs. This should include everything from a kitchen and bathroom to a living room and possibly even a small work-from-home office

Once you understand your needs, start to consider how you can address each one within your tiny home space. Can a comfortable bedroom double as a place to relax? Is it possible to utilize a kitchen counter as a makeshift desk? Can you squeeze a small home office under your staircase?

It’s difficult to offer specific recommendations, as both tiny homes and individual situations tend to vary. What really matters is that you embrace a creative and innovative mindset as you find a way to maintain your basic living space needs within the confines of a tiny home.

Always Look for Small Minimalist Applications

Once you have your mind in the right place and your tiny home layout figured out, it’s time to apply minimalism “in the cracks.” In other words, always be looking for ways to act out minimalism in your home. A few suggestions for simple ways to do this include:

  • Prioritizing wants versus needs when choosing belongings and décor.
  • Using both horizontal and vertical storage purposefully.
  • Choosing quality over quantity whenever possible.
  • Utilize mirrors and natural light to create a greater sense of space.
  • Adopting a “one-in-one-out” attitude that only introduces new belongings to replace existing ones.
  • Creating a capsule wardrobe or some other minimalist approach that limits your clothing.

A proper application of minimalism doesn’t always have to consist of grand, sweeping decisions or activities. Often it can slowly take shape through small, thoughtful applications. When done in a tiny home, even the seemingly irrelevant decisions of this nature can eventually add up to make a significant difference.

Infusing Your Tiny Home with the Minimalist Spirit

In many ways, minimalism and tiny homes are a match made in heaven. However, that doesn’t mean they’re instantly compatible. Often they require a certain degree of creativity to bring them together in an effective manner.

From thoughtful layouts to prioritizing wants versus needs, purchasing quality possessions, and maintaining a healthy minimalist mindset, many factors come into play when adapting minimalism to a tiny home setting. Nevertheless, the combination of the two truly does lead to synergistic results. These can feed the body, mind, and soul of an avid minimalist looking to implement their passion throughout their lives.

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