To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Lessons I’ve Learnt

by Catherine Nicholls

Anyone who says that this film didn’t make them want to impulse buy both a shopping trolley’s worth of Yakult and a hot tub are either lying to themselves or a stronger woman than I. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before made me cry both tears of joy and heartbreak (there may be a recurring theme in these posts), and really made me look into my perspective on love and life. That being said, here’s a lesson (or five) that the 2018 rom-com has taught me about life.

Lesson One: Family is so, so, so important

I could have used a lot more ‘so’s’ there. Family is the one thing you can be sure will stick with you through life, and though that may sound a bit hellish when you’ve had your third consecutive argument with your sister about that one purple top, it’s also very reassuring. No matter the amount of arguments, or distance, or difficulties, your family will always be your family, and when pride is put aside, support will most likely be there in some form. Appreciate it while it’s there.

Lesson Two: Your past doesn’t define you

Even whilst typing that out it sounded cliché, but it’s true. Especially if it’s a past that was out of your control. These things might alter your perspective on elements of life, and how you approach it, but you aren’t what circumstance made you to be. This is kind a two fold thing. As someone whose past is jokingly referred to by friends as a Tragic Back Story™, I’ve tried so hard not to use my beginnings as a justification, or blame, for my actions. I am a human fully capable of trying to make the right decisions. Equally, I don’t want to hold myself back because of things that have happened in the past either. 

Lesson Three: Make the most of things

Comfort and safety are beautiful things. But how can we really appreciate them when we’re not doing anything else but hide from the outside world? Though it can be tempting to just stay in with a mug of tea, throw caution to the wind every now and then. Go out late on a work night, wake up early and go hiking, do something different! We have a limited amount of time on this planet, and we should make the most of it. Don’t shy away from the unknown.

Lesson Four: Expect the unexpected

…Or don’t expect it. Because then it wouldn’t be unexpected in the first place. You know what I mean. Nine times out of ten, if you raise your hopes for something, you’ll end up disappointed that it didn’t end up the way you wanted it to. If you go searching for certain things, sometimes you overlook opportunities that could be even better off for you. Make sure to keep your eyes open. Embrace things you wouldn’t usually. The butterfly effect is real – one tiny event can set off a chain reaction. Who knows where you’ll end up?

Lesson Five: Don’t address secret love letters to their recipients if you don’t want them to be read

I don’t know, though, maybe that’s just me.

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