Top 5 Essential Oils You Need in Your Life Right Now

by Rebecca Howe

Essential oils, especially Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are becoming the new wellness trend and with good reason. It has a ton of wellness benefits that may replace certain medications and toxic household cleaners. Using 100% pure essential oils such as those from Rouh Essentials in your daily routine can have effects on your health, happiness, mental health, the way you sleep, and your beauty routine. There are so many different oils that could help you with your daily well being. Some people find that using cannabis oils; for example, this michigan organic rub could help with pain relief and other ailments. CBD oils are without a doubt one of the fastest rising trends in the realm of health and wellness. Anyone suffering from anxiety, pain and a whole host of other ailments owes it to themselves to give products like USDA Organic CBD Oil a try to see if they can help them at all.

1. Lavender & Cedarwood

Combine these two oils for the best sleep on your life. Apply it topically or put a couple drops of each in a diffuser for a relaxing and restful nights sleep. Additionally, lavender is known to be very calming by applying it topically or diffusinf it to help reduce anxiety. It is also great for using on your skin and cuticles

2. Thieves

Thieves is one of the best oils for cleaning and sickness. There are studies out there that prove thieves cleans better than most household products full of harmful chemicals. You can also ingest this oil or apply it topically if you feel a cold coming on. The best way to ingest this oil is to put a drop in green tea with some honey. If you apply it topically, put it on your sore throat or on the bottoms of your feet in order for it to absorb into your body.

3. Peppermint and Orange

When these two oils are combined, it creates a great focus blend. If you are struggling to stay focused on project, homework, or getting through the rest of the workday, apply these oils topically to focus better. You’ll be able to achieve anything after applying these oils. You can learn more about the benefits of these essential oils when you contact AromaTech.

4. Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil has many uses to help with everyday occurrences, such as, cleaning, dry scalp, and inflammation of the skin. You can make it into your own cleaning product and use it on mold, too. It works great on hair if you?re struggling with a dry scalp, especially during the cold winter months. Something that doesn’t really fall into the essential oils category, but is an oil that can be used to prevent dandruff and a dry scalp, similarly to Tea Tree is cbd oil. If this is something new that you haven’t come across before, you may want to check out this article to find out more information on this product.
If you are not familiar with this product, it may be worth doing a little research. But just so you know, it is a very versatile product, just like coconut oil. So, you can add it in foods that contain oil, drinks, can be used for skincare and also for your hair too. If you do a quick search into something like what is the best CBD oil of 2019?, you’ll find out all you need to know about cbd oil. It is not an essential oil, but it can be something you can use as an alternative to Tea Tree when it comes to skincare and hair care. With lots of different products and variations like CBD Oil Broad Spectrum, you’ll be able to find one that suits you the best. It’s definitely worth having a look around!

Lastly, it helps with the skin by reducing an inflammation you may have or a rash.

5. Frankincense

This oil will replace all of your expensive beauty products (no joke!). By making your own lotion with Frankincense and cocoa butter, your skin problems will be reduced in no time after using it daily.

Though, essential oils are becoming a new trend, it is important to note that you should do your research on essential oils and the brands that make them. Find a trusting company that only uses 100% pure essential oils for the best results and benefits. Ones to look into are Young Living, Plant Therapy, and TheraPro.

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