We’re Talking About Finals Week

by Sydney Wingfield

It’s Finals Week!

Finals week comes around quicker than our favourite holiday. Notes, reading, presentations – it feels like a never-ending period of work and stress. The week of finals itself is filled with coffee, energy drinks, and no sleep, so it’s no surprise that sometimes, our finals can get us down.

Many students focus so much on the horror stories of finals week instead of correctly preparing for it. If you take the necessary steps to assure you are prepared and ready for your finals, it won’t seem as stressful as everyone makes it out to be!

Yes, students have loads of assignments to do and tests to study for. Really, stress is inevitable. Start preparing as soon as possible, allowing you time to retain all the information you may need to know. This also allows you to prepare any questions you may have for your professor before the test or project is due.

Getting ahead of your studies is key to finals success

Look over your study guide and notes you have taken and try to recall all the important topics that may be useful to you. Let’s say you start studying a couple of weeks before the day of your final; grab your highlighter and set aside 20-30 minutes each day to review. Look at vocabulary, concepts, and anything else you need to know so that the night before the final you won’t need to pull an all-nighter to study.

If you have multiple finals you need to study for, set aside 15-20 minutes for each exam. Once you feel comfortable with the information, put it all away and save it for the next day. Sometimes over preparation does more harm than good. Putting too much information in your brain and overworking yourself will stress you out more!

Take Time for Yourself and Relax!

Yes, school and finals are important, but your mental and physical health matter way more. Stress is never good for anyone, but too much stress will affect you negatively. It’s so important to get some sleep and make sure to eat!

Remember that the week will soon end and you will finally be done with another semester of school.

While studying and taking finals, make sure to keep in mind that you’re almost done. They’re not the end of the world. Soon you’ll be free of stress and, most importantly, no matter what happens, you’ll be okay!

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