When The Honeymoon Phase Ends: What To Do If Your Partner Needs Space

by Olivia Bouchard

Relationships can be the best things in the world, but when you and your partner aren’t on the same page, stuff can get complicated. It’s hard enough dealing with our own minefield of emotions, and when you’re in a relationship, you have this whole other person’s minefield of emotions to take on as well. 

For the most part, this is a great thing. It means you learn about that person on a deeper level than anyone else. You get to know their fears, their likes, their hopes, and they learn the same about you. It creates a true intimacy between you, which is great. 

But what happens if, when the dust settles, you find yourselves on different wave-lengths, what do you do then? Let’s say, for example, that you and your partner have been getting to know each other frequently for the past few months. And you think you’re both enjoying the amount of time you’re spending together. But, it turns out that your partner has started to feel like it’s a little too much. 

At first, you’ll probably feel surprised and a bit disheartened. Maybe even a little naive for not realising you weren’t on the same page as they were. But don’t worry. Everything’s fine. 

The ‘honeymoon phase’ is a complex phenomenon. In an ideal world, you and your partner would naturally exit the honeymoon phase together at the same pace. But that’s not always how it works. Sometimes, it wears off for one person faster than it does for another. And that’s nothing to worry about. If this happens to you, it’s okay. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re less interested in you than you are in them. 

They probably just value their own time as much as they value the time they spend with you. And that’s a good thing. You should both be able to live full, whole lives outside of your relationship. It should be something that adds to your life, not what your life revolves around.

The process of leaving the honeymoon phase is what makes relationships stronger. If you can get through it together, you’ll both have matured and you’ll be better off for it. As will your relationship. 

Take it easy, and enjoy the ride.

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