Why Keeping A Journal Is Great For Your Mindfulness

by Olivia Bouchard

When you were younger, did you ever have a journal? Do you still write in one now? 

If not, here are some of the many reasons why keeping track of our own lives, in one way or another, is very beneficial for our mind and soul. 

1. Remembering who we were can help us figure out who we are

First and foremost, the best reason for keeping a journal or diary is that it gives you a reference point for your whole life. You can look back on any given day that you’ve made a note of and you’ll be able to see just where you were at that moment. Reflecting on how we used to feel in comparison to how we feel in the present is a wonderful way of checking in with our emotions. If things seemed tough on a day you’d forgotten about, then it serves as a reminder that the bad comes with the good and that everything is temporary.  

2. Journals are among the freest forms of expression there is

The most important thing about your journal is that it’s yours. It is personal to you. You can design it and create it in any way that you like. There are those of us who like methodical, neat diaries which maybe just list the things we did on any particular day. There are others who prefer the spontaneous jotting down of all the emotions we felt at one time or another. However you want to go about it, it’s your decision and that’s what makes it special. 

3. Your journal will help you to make even the most difficult of decisions

Having a continuous log of your days, thoughts, fears and everything else is an amazing tool. When the time comes – as it does for everyone – to make a really tough choice, your journal will be there to help you think through it logically. It gives you the chance to lay out your apprehensions about your options and look at them, physically written down. This is a great exercise as it externalises our worries from being just inside our mind and allows us to get a fresh perspective on them. 

Also, the chances are that somewhere in there, you’ve got an example of another difficult decision which you have already overcome. This is literally inspiration coming from your past self. And c’mon, who’s more wise than you? 

If these three reasons aren’t enough to get you heading to your nearest stationary shop, then I’m afraid I have failed. But, if you like the sound of clearing your headspace, getting creative and looking back over the many years of your life, then by all means… Pick up that pen and pad and get going!

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