Why You Should Take A Social Media Detox

by Elizabeth Smith

In today’s society, social media can be an overwhelming presence. I am guilty of constantly scrolling through Instagram or Twitter when I should be doing something productive or living in the moment. For example, how many times have you picked up your phone to take an Instagram video rather than really soaking up what’s around you? Many of us are now consumed by social media without taking the time to enjoy the real world. And this is when it becomes clear, we really need to take some time out from social media.

It’s up to you how long you want to bid farewell to social media for. This can be a week, a month or even a year. Think about how long you think you need without it and set a goal. At first, it may feel like your separating yourself from a world with constant updates from your friends and family. It may be hard not to feel like an outsider. But after your social media detox you will learn how to connect with others and the world itself in ways you haven’t before. So, here is why you should take a social media detox:

Take time to clear your mind

Once you are separated from social media, you will stop worrying so much about what others are doing and you will begin to focus more on you. It will give you time to evaluate your life and figure out what genuinely makes you happy. The abundance of spare time you now have can be put into things that you enjoy and want to do more of. Maybe you could try taking up a new hobby or arrange a catch up with your best friend! All of these things will help you learn how to prioritise your own happiness and ultimately begin to feel like a better version of you.

Reconnect with loved ones

Deleting your social media means that it is harder to see what your friends and family are getting up to. While this may seem like a negative – it actually will allow you to reconnect and get closer to those you love. You might find that you have much more to talk about when you see them. Since you haven’t seen their latest posts and updates, you’ll spend more time catching up with them. This will lead to longer and more personal conversations, creating a stronger bond between you.

You’ll stop comparing yourself to others

The online world is like looking at others’ lives through rose-tinted glasses. When in reality – it is all false. We are constantly seeing fairy-tale lives and picture-perfect models. It’s hard not to compare it to our own lives. Once you are rid of social media, you will stop judging yourself so much and will begin to appreciate all the little things you have. Once you start to focus on the good aspects of life rather than it being a constant comparison, you’ll feel clear-headed and have a healthier outlook on the world.

Tips and tricks for sticking with your social media detox:

  • Remove the apps from your phone: This is the single best way to ensure you keep of social media. Trust me, if it’s still there, you’ll be more than tempted to click on it. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Fill up your free time: Make sure you replace the time you would’ve spent scrolling through your phone with something you enjoy. You won’t even think about checking Facebook or Instagram if you’re too busy having fun!
  • Get a friend to join in with you: Having someone do a detox with you is a great way to ensure that both of you stick to your goal.

Taking a break from social media will benefit your mental health in so many ways. You’ll no longer feel that dreaded FOMO feeling, you’ll spend time doing the things you love, you’ll be more present in everyday life and you’ll love yourself more by the end of it.

So, if you do decide to unplug – good luck!

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