World Compliment Day: Spread Your Kind Words

by Jennifer Richards

Communication is the trait always looked for on a CV, but when it comes to our personal lives, we prefer the stiff upper lip. What’s wrong with telling someone they’re awesome and giving them a little compliment? It doesn’t make you cheesy or mushy, it just makes you nice; and the world could definitely do with a bit more nice at the moment.

Use your words!

Tell someone you like their new haircut, or that you really loved the book they recommended, or just that you love them. We don’t use our words anymore. We think all these lovely compliments about people, but decide to keep them inside our heads rather than verbalise them. I can’t be the only one who thinks my friends are the best people on earth, but never seem to have time to tell them. By expressing our inner thoughts more regularly we could be making people’s day, everyday.

It’s not that we’re not thinking these compliments, we’re just not saying them. So, as today’s World Compliment Day, it’s time to start saying these things. You know, out loud. Scary. Every time you think something positive about someone, just let them know. Even when it’s a stranger, still tell them all the nice things you’re thinking. We’ve all walked past someone and thought their outfit looked great, but have been too worried to say anything. Letting someone you don’t know into all your lovely thoughts makes the compliment even better.

Your words have power

A compliment has all the power in the world. It builds up someone’s confidence and makes them smile, yet it’s only taken two seconds out of your day to say it. If you think someone’s done a good job, let them know. It means they feel appreciated and will continue to work hard.

But when I say compliment someone, I don’t mean smile and nod and tell them that dress looks good just for the sake of it. I mean think about what you really love about someone – their kindness, their dedication, or yes, even that dress – and just remind them of it. We all forget what’s good about us sometimes, so it’s nice knowing others admire us. In a world full of body-shaming issues and worries about imperfection, a compliment is so incredibly important.

Let’s put some positivity back into everyday life. By the way, have I mentioned you look rather wonderful today?

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